Jealousy (Bronn x Reader)

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AN:  If Bronn is a touch AU, I apologize.  I need to work on capturing Bronn in a better light, but with this little scene there was not a great deal for me to work with.  I may or may not post my Petyr x Reader that's sitting in my 'need to post' section of my Google Docs between now and my next posting day.  With the fact that there's only now 6 one shots in here (5 technically, with part 1 and 2 of Reek), I want to add some more diversity and some extra one shots instead of simply posting each week.  With my current schedule, I cannot guarantee whether or not I will, so I'll leave an extra shot or two up to surprise. 


Eyes wandering the somewhat crowded pub, you caught sight of Bronn and Tyrion, much to your relief. Squeezing between unruly men smelling of alcohol, you found your way over to the two men with your drink. Bronn seemed to be the first to notice you, his blueish green eyes meeting yours. A gentle smile tugged at your lips as you sat down next to the two that already seemed to be more than a couple drinks in.

"Lady Y/N," Tyrion greeted with a smile.

Bronn always seemed to chuckle at the way that Tyrion greeted you, and once he stopped his light chuckle, he said, "What brings you down with the likes of us?"

You rolled your eyes at Bronn's comment, and took a sip of your own drink. "You know as well as I that I happen to enjoy your company," you mused out after swallowing the bitter beer. Bronn seemed as if, for a moment, he was taken aback, a soft tinge of blush upon his face. If it was truly there, you were not sure, as it was quickly shaken off with the next gulp of his drink.

"We happened to notice a young lord accompanying you around the Red Keep earlier," Tyrion started, causing you to look his direction. His accusation was indeed true. There was a young lord visiting the Red Keep as well, and he had seemed to have taken a fondness of you. Though your sights had been set less than nobler elsewhere, you had not the heart to turn the lord down when he had asked for a stroll.

You simply nodded, shrugging your shoulders lightly. "He seemed rather kind," you mused our softly.

"For fuck's sake, he's not," Bronn groaned out, his agitation clear upon his face. You were not entirely sure why it seemed that he was so mad about who would possibly be accompanying you anywhere. "I've seen that lord's type before."

Tyrion broke in, placing his hand up to stop Bronn from saying anything else before he spoke. "What Bronn is trying to convey is that the lord we saw accompanying you is untrustworthy," he said, as gently as he possibly could. You simply laughed off what Tyrion had said, though in the back of your mind, you were wondering why.

"Sounds more like jealousy than anything," you had said just low enough for Tyrion to hear, Bronn to be left in the dark. The three of you had downed a few drinks, you sipping while Bronn had taken messy, large gulps of his own. Tyrion was in the middle of the two of you, not quite as messy as Bronn, though you were still a bird in comparison. Throughout the time, the three of you had chatted, enjoying one another's company. Tonight, though, Bronn had seemed a little more on edge than usual.

Bronn would glance over at you with his light blue eyes, almost daring you to look, though if he was caught he would quickly play it off as if he were staring at some barmaid. As the little game between the two of you went on, you began getting agitated with him, before quickly setting your drink down. Just as Bronn would not admit his own jealousy, there was no way you were going to admit that you thought he was eyeing the barmaid. "I should be going," you had said quickly, giving an apologetic glance to Tyrion before getting up and fleeing the bar entirely.

Tyrion glanced over to his tall friend, his eyes stern with his concern. "You should just tell her, Bronn," Tyrion said knowledgeably, and Bronn could not help but chuckle at his dwarf friend, shaking his head. "You may lose her if you don't."

"I ain't gonna lose nothin'," he said with a hearty laugh, before his expression had flashed a small wave of sadness, quickly covered. His voice was relatively slurred because of the alcohol, but his thoughts were clear enough - he knew exactly what Tyrion was speaking of, and his lips curled into a frown. "I hate when yer right."

Tyrion chuckled gently, patting his friend upon the arm before motioning for Bronn to head out to look for you. Since it had only been a few minutes, he actually had found you sitting against the building itself. You had never expected either to follow you, and you just wished to be alone to think. Though you thoroughly enjoyed Tyrion's witt, and Bronn's humor, you could not stand the little bit of jealousy that was peeking out of you. Had you not been as pretty as every little whore that Bronn fucked?

You felt tears burning at your y/e/c eyes as you sat there thinking, and did not notice the extra presence that had come out of the bar. He did not announce himself out, as he was actually trying to think of what he would say to you. The way that your y/h/c hair shimmered in the moonlight was entrancing, despite your crouched, saddened figure. Bronn had never been nervous around women, but for some reason, he was always nervous around you. He cared too much about what you thought, and always was terrified to upset you.

"Y/N," the man breathed out in his deep voice, standing above you and causing your gaze to glance upward to him. Your y/e/c orbs met Bronn's light blue gaze, and you felt yourself internally shudder, your nerves taking over. With your eyes still full with tears, you glanced back downward quickly, hoping he had not seen. The tall man kneeled himself down to your level, before placing a finger underneath your chin, causing you to look back up at him. "The fuck are you cryin' for?"

His lips were curled downward in a frown, though his brown eyes showed concern as he used his strong thumb to gently wipe away a few stray tears that had fallen from your y/e/c orbs. "Why do you care, Bronn?" you spat back at him, your eyes looking away, though your cheeks betrayed you with the light blush that rose from his calloused touch. Despite his hands being rough, he had a gentleness to him that just made you desire it more.

"God, Y/N, are ya gonna make me say it?" he said sarcastically, though a smirk was tugging upon his lips as he had finally gotten your glance to fall back upon him. Deciding against his own words, he pressed his lips roughly against yours in a lip bruising kiss, passion flowing between the two of you. You were taken aback, but as you realized what was going on, you kissed him back with passion, your cheeks red as tomatoes with wildfire blush rising in them. He hoisted you into his arms, you wrapping your legs around his waist as he held you up. Your arms wrapped around his neck as the two of you kissed, holding him tightly.

When the two of you had finally separated, desperately needing air, he gave you a soft smirk. "Does that answer your question?" he said with a chuckle. A smile pulled upon your lips before you pulled him into another rough kiss, not caring who was to walk by and see the two of you connected at the lips. You mentally noted that you should thank Tyrion later, though the quips he would make about the two of you would even out anything you would have owed the man towards giving Bronn the strength to come out.

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