𝘤𝘩𝘢𝘱𝘵𝘦𝘳 𝘵𝘩𝘳𝘦𝘦

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drea.baby  silly
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notnoen: bebe
drea.baby: bebe

xlilhuddy: you didn't take any pics with me😔✋
drea.baby: we gunna have a photoshoot💟
xlilhuddy: bet

user1: are they dating?!??!?!

luvanthony: why didn't you post the picture with me😔
drea.baby: i looked bad in it, okay🥺✋
luvanthony: you never look bad, shut up❤️

user2: ^^ship ship!!

user3: noen deserves better

iitspayton: come back to the room, chase is complaining that he wants to see you
drea.baby: i'm coming, i'm coming
xlilhuddy: yay bebe💜

fanpage1: the duo we KNEW we needed
notnoen: facts

user4: i dont ship🤮

user4: andrea out here lookin like 🤡


"hey." anthony came up from behind andrea, placing a hand on her shoulder, causing her to quickly turn around. she calmed herself after realizing it was just anthony. "ignore the hate. they're not worth it."

"yeah, yeah. i know." andrea gave anthony a small smile, then hears girls screaming and/or freaking out in the distance. they both chuckled at them, and andrea starts to get excited yet nervous, but even more than before.

"i bet everyone that's going to meet you right now," anthony began, "will think you give the best hugs. apart from chase, of course."

"wow!" they laughed, as anthony hesitatingly placed his arm around andrea's shoulder, but not regretting it after once andrea wrapped her arm aroumd his waist. andrea looked up at him and smiled, scrunching up her nose. anthony couldn't help but think how adorable she looked when she did that, or how adorable she was in general. how perfect she was.


"and that one girl, the one with the colored hair. she gave me loads of reese's," andrea told noen, holding up packages of reese's in her hands. chase h, from the other seat next to her and noen, took a resse's and smirked at her. "rude!"

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