Chapter 47

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It had been almost six hours since Jace had put me in this cell. I could hear Jonathan thicking on the wall which was driving me crazy but the last thing I wanted to do was to act out again. It would give everyone more of a reason that I possibly killed my mother. I don't know how Jonathan did it but I know for a fact that he was behind this. He killed our mother.

"You know your time would be much easier if you would talk to me." I heard Jonathan say and I covered my ears, hoping that I could somehow not hear him. I was sick of him.

"I would rather die." I said and I could hear him chuckle softly which made me sick. He was a psychopath.

I saw the lift doors open and I quickly stood up when I saw Alec walking out with my brother Jace. Behind them, Izzy was following them and to my surprise, I didn't see Liz which confused me. I could barely look at Jace. Everything he had said to me... If I knew he felt that way, I would have never stayed here. When Alec came closer, I saw the bruises on his face which made anxiety grow inside of me. Something had happened.

"Alec?" I asked worried and I saw Jace opening the cell which left me confused again. He locked me up and he was releasing me now. I saw the look on Jace's face which was all regret and guilt.

"I am sorry, Clary." He said as he walked inside. He tried to hold me but I moved away from him. I wasn't angry at him but upset. The first man who broke my heart was my own big brother...

"Clary, I didn't mean it." He said and I could feel the tears burning in my eyes. All I wanted to do was cry and not even talk to him but I built every single courage inside of me and looked at Jace.

"You didn't mean? That's what everyone says when they mess up." I said as my tears were about to stream down my cheeks. I could see that it pained Jace but the pain he had put me through for the last six hours was worse than this.

"Clary, I knew you were not capable of killing our mother and I knew that Jonathan was behind this. He didn't do it himself but Liz did." Jace said and I gasped out loud. Shock overwhelmed me when Jace told me about Liz. That would be the reason why she wasn't here with them.

"How do you know? Are you sure?" I asked. I knew that Jace cared for Liz in a romantically way and I couldn't imagine what was going through him now. Jace just nodded without saying anything.

"Just please believe me when I say that this all was an act to find out who was behind this." Jace said and held my hand. I looked at him and nodded. Jace quickly pulled me in a hug and relief overwhelmed me. Relief that my brother didn't blame me or thought of me as a monster.

"Where is Liz?" I asked, not even wanting to know the question. We walked out of the cell and I saw Jonathan looking at us.

"She escaped with Agramon and Valentine." Jace said and when I heard their names, it felt like my heart had stopped.

"Our father was here?" I asked and I saw Jonathan walking towards the glass that prevented him from breaking out. Jace nodded again. The thought of my father being here made me feel hopeful to know him or change his mind but knowing what he has done or what he was capable of, I didn't want him around any of us anymore. The thought of a normal family for us was impossible.

"Let me tell you. They were all here and they left you. They abandoned you again. No one will come for you. Rot here." Jace said as he turned himself towards Jonathan. Jonathan's face dropped and he started to scream. Without looking back all of us left and got in the lifts.

"Clary." Alec breathed out. I quickly hugged him without saying anything else. I knew I probably smelled horrible and looked horrible but all I wanted to do was to hold him... I missed him... I can't go a day without him... Was it possible to find love so early on? Alec's arm covered my whole back and pushed me closet to Alec. His warmth made me feel safe, knowing that he was around me to protect me.

"I missed you." I whispered when he pulled out of the hug. The bruises on his face were now more visible. I touched it softly with my hands whilst Alec's eyes were still focused on me. He didn't make a face at all when I touched his wounds but I knew that he was in pain.

The doors of the lift opened and we walked out. I could see everyone looking at me which made me feel uncomfortable. I knew that they were judging me and at this point, I was tired of it. They didn't know me. I saw Luke running inside and when I realized the look on his face, I knew that it was going to be about our mother.

"Clary! Jace!" Luke shouted as he came closer. I could feel my hands shaking as he got closer. I didn't know what he was going to do or to react. What if he was going to blame for her death?

"Please tell me it's not true." He begged and his eyes were just staring into mine. I swallowed as I looked away from him.

"I am sorry..." I whispered and I could hear Luke breaking down. I heard Jace sob and the rest were just trying to comfort us.

"How?" Luke asked as his voice kept on breaking down.

"Liz, we don't know how but dark magic was used." Jace said as he looked at Luke. Luke shook his head as he cried and I quickly hugged him, followed by Jace. This was the only family I had left... They were the only ones that really cared.

"I need time... to process this." Luke said and walked away. I wanted to stop him but Jace held my hand to prevent me from doing that. I looked at him as he shook his head.

"He will be fine..." He whispered and I nodded. Together with Alec, we walked toward our rooms. I saw that my room was closed down and even if it wasn't it would be the last room I want to sleep in. I would never step inside of it.

"Can I sleep in your room?" I asked as I looked at Alec. He looked at me and nodded.

"Always." He said and together we walked inside. The last time I was in his room was when I saw him and Liz almost kissing. The thought of Liz made the anger boil inside of me. I will be the one that will kill her. I will never let her go off without taking my revenge on her.

"Alec?" I asked and he turned himself around.

"I... I don't know what I would do without you." I said and I could see him getting worried. He came closer and held my hands.

"I wouldn't live a day without you." He whispered as he held my cheeks with his hands. I smiled.

"Be mine." He whispered and I looked at him in shock.

"I don't know a thing about relationships or why mundanes put labels on everything but since I met you. I feel the need of doing everything perfectly." He said and smiled again. I could feel the butterflies exploding in my stomach.

"Be my girlfriend." He said and I nodded. He smiled and kissed me softly. I needed this bit of positivity in my life. I needed him more than anything... I know... I love him...

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