37 - Lost

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The sight of a green snake with black spots greeted Kirt who woke up the next morning. At first, he was surprised by where he was, but after a while of recollection, he understood that whatever happened on the previous night, wasn't a nightmare. He was actually in some, isolated part of the rainforest that he couldn't recognize. When he came to the understanding that he wasn't dreaming that he was stranded, he shrieked as he distanced himself from that snake which was coiled up beside his unconscious body. It was an Anaconda. Kirt examined it from a distance and then discovered that it had already eaten something; for, that reason it didn't harm him when he lay beside it unconscious.

The sun was shining brightly on the river bank. Kirt looked around the place to see if the bus was anywhere. He ran a few paces upstream and a few paces downstream, only to realize - to his disappointment - that the bus wasn't anywhere near him. His mind was racing. He couldn't believe that he was carried away very far from the others.

"No!" he screamed as he came back to the spot where he landed the previous night, after searching for the bus. He buried his face in his arms and moaned in frustration after realizing that he was away from his friends.

He didn't mind being stranded with his friends, but being stranded alone was something he feared. He was terrorized by the depressing thought that he had to fend for himself with no one else to help him. After a while of sobbing, Kirt realized that being sad and depressed wasn't going to help him anyway. He was left to fend for himself alone, and that was what he must do if he should survive.


The children on the bus paid their final respects to the deceased Emily Robinson as they pushed her corpse into the river. It wasn't an easy decision for the children to dispose of Emily's corpse. But, given their circumstances, they needed to dispose of the body if they wanted to prevent anyone onboard from being infected by diseases.

"One. Two. Three," counted Rhett as he and Tom pushed the corpse into the river.

The body sank into the water before surfacing downstream.

Everyone was in a dull mood after what happened the previous night. If the flood hadn't arrived, the children would have started to walk along the river's bank on their way out of the forest. The flood mocked their plans by ravaging the camp on the same night when they planned their escape.

That day, Timothy tried catching fish from the river but found no luck. The children also discovered that they had very little fresh, drinking water.

AnnSophia mourned the loss of Emily. Emily and Candace were AnnSophia's first friends when she came to Wolfgang. In Wolfgang, the children value friendship deeply more than any other children because their friends were like the family that they never had. AnnSophia wept for Emily like how she would weep for a dead sister.

The children were lost. They didn't know where they were. Kirt was worried about his classmates. He feared that they all died.

They, on the other hand, feared the same for Kirt.


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