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It was dark and the ground was cold and hard when Ryujin woke up. No matter how many times she blinked to get her eyes used to the darkness, she couldn't make out a single thing and had literally no idea where she was.

She sat up, wincing and groaning at how painful her neck and head felt. As a matter of fact, her whole body felt sore. Like she just suddenly decided to attempt rhythmic gymnastics despite having literally no experience and no flexibility. It was unnerving and she wondered what happened before she passed out. How did she pass out?

When Ryujin reached forward to use the ground to support her as she stood, her hand hit a bag along with something solid.

Oh, right! Her soy sauce!

But what happened after that? No matter how hard she tried, Ryujin couldn't recall what happened after she got her soy sauce. She only last remembered walking out the store and then just...blackness.

Somewhere behind her, she could hear voices, and she closed her eyes to try and listen to what they were saying. All she could pick up was mumbling. No actual words. Wow, wherever she was had thick walls. She wondered if they were made with cement, like the floor appeared to.

Ryujin just say there for a few minutes, trying to collect herself and fully wake up. That was a mistake and she probably should've thought of how she could use her soy sauce as weapons because the sound of a door opening caught her off guard and light flooded the room from behind her. Or maybe she should've pretended like she was asleep still. Or she could've hid. There were plenty of things Ryujin could have done besides just sit there and look behind her stupidly.

The door closed abruptly, plunging Ryujin back in the dark. But the only difference was that she wasn't alone.

Did they have a gun? Were they going to murder her? Why was she there? Should she talk? Should she ask them questions? What if they thought she was too annoying and just shot her? Did they want her soy sauce?!

Against her better judgement, Ryujin opened her mouth and blurted, "Who are you?"

She didn't get a good look at the person before the heavy-sounding door closed. The light was blinding and she couldn't see the silhouette, so she couldn't guess if the person was a man or woman.

There was a soft giggle. "How can you not recognize me, unnie?"

She knew that voice. Oh, she knew that voice. But why?

"Yuna?! You kidnapped me?!"

Ryujin spun around so she was facing Yuna, who she still couldn't see. She backed herself up, dragging her bag with her, until her back hit the wall. Yep, definitely cement as well. Maybe she was in a basement.

"Bold of you to assume that I could do such a thing—" Was she really joking about this? "—but no, I didn't. My dad's goons did."

"Your dad's goons?" Ryujin wasn't understanding anything.

"Yeah. Goons? Henchmen? The guys that did the dirty work? Yeah, them."

Ryujin understood what goons were, but she didn't understand why Yuna's dad had them, why he needed them. She sat there for a good few more moments, trying to process everything that happened.

A flame followed a spark and Yuna's face could be seen behind it, and that's when Ryujin figured it out.

"You're in the mafia!" She exclaimed.

The flame moved to Ryujin's left, and soon more light filled the area as candles were getting lit. Yuna chuckled again as she went around the room—which was bigger than Ryujin thought—and lit up more candles. "Not really. Just my dad. I'm only his daughter, basically the most powerful person ever."

She said the last few words sarcastically, like she didn't really like that description of herself. Yuna shook her hand, extinguishing the flame from the match and tossing the stick somewhere in the room.

Ryujin took in her surroundings, and grew even more afraid when she saw thick, black chains above, wrapped around a sturdy beam. She frantically looked around for a whip or something, hoping she wouldn't find it because she would literally burst into tears right then and there.

"Please let me go," Ryujin pleaded in a small voice.

Yuna sighed, strolling back to the center of the room. "I really wish I could, Ryujin. I would love to."

"But...but-but you jut said you were the most powerful one!"

"Yeeeeahhhh, I did. But this situation is...different. I can't simply let you go due to who you're associated with."

Who was she associated with? Her dad perfected the disappearing act and her mom would never tell her what happened to her dad. And her mom didn't look the type to be involved with mafia things. Then again, neither did Yuna, but look where she was at.

"I don't know anything," Ryujin promised. "I seriously don't. An-and I won't tell the police or anybody what happened if you let me go. I swear!"

Yuna genuinely looked sorry for Ryujin, which isn't what Ryujin needed. She didn't need pity, she needed to get out. She needed to go home to where her mom was at.

"You'll understand, Ryujin."

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but i have another fic out called 'summoned', but it also includes stray kids along with itzy soooooo if you're into supernatural things and the two groups being siblings, then you cOuld check it out :DDDD
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