36 - Kirt Heinrich

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AnnSophia Fabron

I began comforting Alice who was weeping because of what happened to Emily and Kirt. There was no chance that Kirt could have survived the flood. We saw many corpses of animals and people floating down the river (or channel created by the flood). We couldn't even tell if one of the corpses was that of Kirt Heinrich. We all loved Kirt Heinrich. We could only wish that our assumptions that he died were wrong.

Kirt Heinrich

That night, I went to pick my bag from the log near the campfire when a huge wave engulfed the bus and me. When I managed to swim in that flood, I saw the bus emerge floating on the water as it was being carried away. I tried swimming towards the bus but another wave of water pushed me inside the water.

Once pushed inside the water, I struggled to break out of the water's clutches and steal a breath at the surface. It felt like there were evil mermaids in the water dragging me in; that's how it felt when I was unable to get to the surface. My breath was running out as I was submerged in that water. I tried moving my limbs with great difficulty but failed to make it to the surface. I had only 20 seconds of breath left. I needed to surface. I was not ready to die at all. In my tenacious attempts to resurface, I kicked the water and tried different strokes, but all that happened was that I began to run out of breath and energy. I tried to surface one more time and managed to break into the surface, gasping for oxygen.

As soon as I surfaced, I began swimming. But as I swam, my body began to weaken. Constant attempts to swim weakened my limbs. As soon as I rested to relieve my limbs of pain, I began to sink before I could take a breath. As my body went underwater, I strove with the forces of the water. The coldness of the water began to take its toll on my body. As my sore body began drowning a second time, my eyelids got heavier. Blood rushed to the core of my body away from my limbs, making it harder for me to strive with the water. "Move!" screamed my mind, but my body responded with another scream: "Rest!". My body and mind were having an internal civil war as the time left for me to live began running out.

30 seconds... 20....10...5.

With a strong resolve, I struggled once again and surfaced. As difficult as it was, I continued to swim, even when my limbs were sore. I didn't want to give up on my life. Soon, I began to see a boat. Thinking of it as a ray of hope, I began yelling, "Help!" as I swam towards it.

But before I touched what I thought was a boat, it vanished before my eyes to my disappointment. The boat that I saw was a hallucination. My body couldn't strive anymore after I was disappointed at the hallucination. It gave up. I began drowning once again. This time, my mind began to concede to my body's demand to give up. I began to mutter my last prayers. Images of my mother and father flashed before my eyes as I saw bubbles rise above me while I descended deeper and deeper.

Everything around me appeared like a dream. In my heart, I wished that my friends would survive. I thought I was going to die.

Just when my vision was about to blackout, one final, powerful thought came to my mind. I thought of my mother who sacrificed herself. Did she sacrifice her life so that I give up and die a watery death? Did she sacrifice her life so that I die and never grow up to be the man she dreamed I would be? Did she sacrifice her life so that her sacrifice would eventually be in vain after I drown to death?

As I thought of these questions, my body received one final burst of adrenaline. Shouting, "No!" I aggressively broke through the surface.

As soon as I got to the surface, I smacked into a rock.

After recovering from that smack, with my head bleeding, I continued swimming until a panel of wood came beside me. Hoping that it was not a hallucination, I swam to it with tremendous effort and touched it. It was real. Overjoyed and relieved, I jumped onto it. I found myself a raft.

Timothy McAllister

While I was on the bus, thinking about Kirt, I thought I saw a raft pass by. But, when I looked out of the window, I saw that there was no raft at all. Thinking it was a figment of my imagination, I began thinking about what would have happened to Kirt. Alice was really worried about Kirt. She broke into tears because she couldn't afford to lose another person about whom she cared.

There was nothing that we could do about Kirt: we were immobilized by the incidents that had transpired.

I couldn't hold back my own tears, as much as I tried to look strong. The best memories I had with Kirt began flashing through my eyes. I thought that I lost a great friend. I thought that I lost a brother.

Felipe Altamirano Alvarez Espadachín

The worst disaster the country ever faced was happening. It was 11:30 a.m. The television sets showed news reports of the collapse of La Abuela De Princesa Irene. No one in Bolivia anticipated the collapse of the dam system and its aftermath. True to what Guerrero told me before he died, the river began flowing through its old and new courses simultaneously. The Argentian government was alerted about a possible catastrophe heading their way. They had heavily populated cities by the banks of the river La Princesa Irene. They began evacuating their citizens. Reporters called this month, "The Darkest Period In Bolivian History". We were hit by disasters one after another. First the rainstorm, then the collapse of La Madre De Princesa Irene, then the dual earthquake and then... the collapse of La Abuela. La Paz wasn't affected but many other cities were severely destroyed.

Kirt Heinrich

I had a throbbing headache. When I looked around me and the raft, I saw that the raft was edging the river bank (by the river I am referring to the channel created by that flood). When I thought it came close enough, I jumped out of the raft and landed on the river bank. My body scraped against the rocks on the bank as I slid across them in my fall, before I fainted once on the bank.


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