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3rd Person

The strong winds and the heavy rains battled each other for supremacy since the other day. Leaves and branches have been forcibly plucked out from the trees, tossed in the air and into the wet ground somewhere. The sky has been gloomy , cold and dreary. Not a single soul scattered outside. Everything around lay silent witness to the tantrum thrown by this raging weather condition.

That was outside.

But inside, is a different thing. Noh stirs his body laying slumber on the bed. With a thick soft duvet covering him till his neck. Ever so gently an arm inserted itself underneath, cushioning his head. Noh felt a warm body lays silently by his side. Like a magnet, he turned his body towards this source of heat. His nostrils inhaling the sweet familiar scent his senses came to know so much. A smile curved its way onto his sleeping facade. He stretched his arm and wrapped it around his warm human bolster. He felt a hand lightly caressing his hair and a gentle peck on his forehead.

"what time is it?", Noh slurs his words, eyes still closed.

"Almost three", Phun replied, his hand gently patting his beloved head

"You should have sleep in the hospital. It's very dangerous to travel in a storm".

"I can't do that".

"Ha??Why?", although sleep driven, Noh still asks.

"You'll be alone".

Noh was speechless for a while. Phun always knows how to shake his heart with just simple words. He doesn't mind sleeping alone, he understands Phun's work. Although Noh admits, sleeping with Phun is way lot better than sleeping alone. No amount of thick blanket can ever match up to the warmth of his body against his. To be wrapped around Phun's arms is the best place in the world for Noh.

"How did it go?", Noh asks after balancing the sweetness that attacks  his heart.

"It went well. Peach is a strong kid".

"Will she be okay?", Noh can't help but worry.

Peach is one of Phun's patient. A sweet child and had grown attached to Phun. Noh had met the child when he visited Phun at the hospital. And today, Peach had to undergo an operation. Phun had told him beforehand. Being the child's pediatrician, Phun looks after the pre and post-op medical needs of his patient.

"She will. Dr. Park is one of the best surgeon we have", Phun answers confidently.

"And you're the best pediatrician they have ", Noh's words might be soft but it laced with pride for his husband.

Phun smiled and looked down at Noh whose eyes are now widely opened staring at him lovingly. With the warm glow of the bedside lamp, it cast a beautiful shadow on Noh's fair cheeks and highlighting that smile.

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