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Boys. They always try to get me to hang out with them, then 5 minutes in, they start getting all touchy-feely. Of course, there were a few boys I did like, but for the most part, I don't play that shit. They didn't care about things I liked, or my favorite tv shows, or even how school was that day. They all just wanted to fuck. Don't get me wrong, I liked fucking, but I stared to want more. And I needed to find someone who wanted more too. Many times I just got bored of them before anything could happen.

After hanging out with Andrei a few times this past week, I started to think he wanted more because he kept coming back. However, We hung out in my house a few times, all by ourselves, and he never even tried to kiss me, even if I wanted him to. The only time he would touch me, was a playful arm slap or something. At this point I started to think he just needed a friend. I invited him to this house party a few blocks away from my place. I was worried it would be too hood for him, but if this party was too hood for him, so was I. There probably was not going to be many white people there, so I hope he's not uncomfortable.

The bell rang and I only had one period left. Mr.Edwards math class. I sat in my desk, texting, not paying attention to the lesson at all, when I feel a harsh stare. He's looking at me to signal I should put away my phone. I rolled my eyes and continued texting. I had immunity in this class from now on. I think he was too scared to yell at me, he probably thought I was going to snitch. But I'm from the streets, and I'm not no fucking rat. Plus, I had fun with him that day. I did notice that he had recently started wearing a ring on his left ring finger. Which was strange, but recent.

I waited for the bell, so that I could go home. That meant I would be seeing Andrei soon. I'm not gonna lie I was really excited to go out with him tonight.

When it was finally time to go, I stopped at my locker and put all my books away. I then remembered I had been told to stop by the office on my way out. I walked in, and I saw Mr.Edwards, and this lady, she was about his height, skin color, and she spoke softly. I walked a bit closer and I saw her baby bump. He introduced her as his fiancé, and said she was only here to drop some of his things off, because he would be working late. He hugged her tight and kissed her cheek. she looked deeply into his eyes and I was sick to my stomach as realization hit.

"See you at home babe" he said as she walked out smiling.

I felt my heart break into pieces, I thought I was going to kill him, right there in front of his fiancée and the old sectary who sat at the desk. I wanted to blurt out that he was a piece of shit and that I hated him. I quickly ran out the office and out the school. I felt icky and like I'd done something evil. I didn't know he had a fiancé, or that she was pregnant. I felt like I was going to throw up. Guilt took over me and I felt like crying, not for myself or over Mr. Edwards, but for the lady, and her baby. Was I a bad person? If I wasn't then why did I feel like this?

I knew a lot of girls at this school and didn't have problems with any, but I never got close to anyone. At my old high school, I had one or two close friends but we fell off when I was transferred. I wish I had someone to talk to now.  I wanted someone to tell me I wasn't so bad after all.

I got home and showered. I laid on my bed in my towel for almost an hour. My mom wasn't home, as per usual, but Meli had just got back from school. It was almost 6:30 now and I knew I had to get dressed. I put on a thigh length casual summer dress, that was loose but fitted in all the right places. My hair was big and curly and had the perfect mix of volume and definition. I sprayed on a bit of perfume. I put on my gold name plate necklace, and big gold hoops.

Before leaving I went to Bruno's room too grab my charger back from him. He had a habit of taking my shit and not returning it. I hadn't seen him all day, and didn't even know if he was home. I walked down the short hallway and barged into his room, turning on the light as well.

"Adonde carajo está mi cargador?"
(Where the fuck is my charger at)

Instead of being faced with my idiot brother, I saw a girl, laying in his bed. She was fully dressed, and she looked like she was Just sleeping. Bruno nowhere to be found.

"Oh shit, my bad. Is Bruno here?" I said to the girl apologetically.

I looked at the ground by the bed and noticed a pillow and blanket was set up as if someone had slept there.

"Um, he actually left a little while ago" she hesitated, as if she didn't know who I was talking about.

As she spoke, I recognized her face. The girl from the picture. Her sweet smile from the picture was gone and her eyes were dulled and tired. She was still beautiful and had the prettiest smile.

"Oh, ok, well when he gets back, tell him I want my charger back" I laughed

She chuckled lightly and I shut the door behind me. It was kinda weird to me that she was sleeping on his bed In out apartment while he wasn't here. I hadn't been into Bruno's room in forever. But He said he really liked her, so I trusted him. "Whatever, not my business" I thought to myself.

It was hardly 8:30 and I got a text from Andrei, saying he was here, I found myself getting super excited to see him. Which was unusual for me. I didn't usually get excited over boys, they got excited over me.

I walked past Emelia's room, and heard weird music playing. I didn't recognize the song but it sure was loud. I knocked once and she yelled

"Leave me alone"

"Whatever I'm leaving"as I walked toward the front door.

"This house is so fucking weird" I said out loud to myself

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