35 - Carried Away

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Kirt Heinrich

7:30 p.m

Shifaly and I spoke for a long time today. She's a wonderful girl. I sympathized with Shifaly. She was condemning herself for her friend's death. Poor girl. She was severely bruised and injured by those heartless boys who harmed her. I was very glad that Shifaly had recovered.

Alice was by my side when we spoke with Shifaly. We also spoke about brighter topics. Shifaly felt very comfortable to talk with me and Alice. She told us a lot about her school in Doha. She told me that they came on a field trip to Bolivia, like us, but they didn't have any plan to camp.

Their itinerary was to visit all major cities and tourist sites in Bolivia before taking a flight back to Doha via Sao Paulo. But the rainstorms and the flooding ruined their itinerary as all the roads from where she and her classmates were stranded were damaged by the tempest.

I called everyone for a discussion that day. The time was 7:35 p.m when everybody had gathered. After we gathered, we began discussing our situation. We all knew that Jackson King and Bill were right when they doubted that Sergio, Seagale, and Gallagher had died because of an accident.

When I thought about the split, I regretted that we who chose to stay didn't go with the others. I thought that those who chose to leave made the right choice. More than four days have passed since the split. There was no way we all could catch up with the others even if we left that night. So, if we left, I thought, we shouldn't think of meeting those who left earlier.

When I put forth the idea of leaving the camp on the next day, I was met with no opposition. Alice, Rhett, Tom, Timothy, Hernanda, and Emily all agreed that it was the right thing to do now that we knew the truth of Sergio's, Seagale's and Gallagher's deaths. Seeing that there was no opposition, we began planning how to leave.

After a long discussion, we formed a plan. Even though we planned to leave, we decided that we would not head in the direction of the trail, like the others who left. Instead, we would walk upstream along the river until we reached civilization. Shifaly told us that there was a dam upstream, so we thought that if we walked upstream, we could reach some form of human civilization.

Furthermore, we planned to use the machete to mark the trees as we walked. In this way, if we reached a dead-end, we could retrace our steps back to the bus.

The only person we needed to worry about if we decided to leave the next day was Emily. Tom and Rhett decided to carry her during our walk.

After we thought out that plan, we were happy with it. A major perk of walking along the river was that we would be journeying along an abundant source of nutrition: the river. Whenever we took a break, we could catch some fish and eat. The idea seemed good.

We asked Shifaly if she could walk and she said she could. With Shifaly being able to walk, we could go ahead without worrying about anything else.

Rhett and Tom agreed to carry Emily during our walk. AnnSophia agreed to carry the first aid kits, which we had, for the duration of the journey. Timothy would carry the fishing rods with Hernanda. Alice and I would carry the fuel.

We were going to fill the fuel up in plastic bottles. It was a hazardous thing to do but that was our only alternative; for, we definitely could not carry a barrel of fuel with us.

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