Shot Three

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Eid-ul-Adha Mubarak...😍

"Neither the flesh nor the blood of your sacrifices reaches Allah, but it is the righteous motive underlying them that reaches Him" (22:37)


Arnav stayed for some time with the family, and then excusing, went towards his room. Anjali shook her head on his workaholic nature.

Khushi. She called her, who was busy in her own thoughts.

Yes, Di? She smiled softly.

Did you consult any Gynecologist, yet?? She got up and came near her.

Umm. I was thinking to go to yours and Jiji's only. What do you think? She asked.

I think that would be great. We are leaving in half an hour for our monthly checkup. You too come with us. She offered to which she obliged.

Okay. I will get ready then. She got up and went towards her room.

Arnav was sitting on the bed with his eyes closed. A small knock made him frown, and he opened his eyes only to see Khushi coming inside.

Khushi? He got up and came near her.

Why you knocked? This is your room too. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and with the other hand, he made her look at him.

Are you okay? He asked with concern lining in his eyes.

Khushi looked at him with cold, emotionless eyes. I am fine. She stepped back, making his hands remain in air.

He gulped seeing her distancing from him. His heart broke more when she passed by him, without giving a glance towards him.

Will they be able to recreate the love they had before? He sighed and closed his eyes in pain.




Ah. So we have another baby on board. The gynecologist, Dr. Alisa, smiled while turning towards Khushi.

Anjali just told doctor about her being pregnant, otherwise occasionally she visited the doctor with Payal and her.

So, when you came to know? She asked after checking Payal and Anjali and then sending them out.

Yesterday. She said, as the events made her heart break once again. First? The doctor asked again.

Yes. She nodded her head.

Hmm. Mrs Raizada, Alisa spoke.

Call me Khushi. Khushi leaned forward.

Hmm. Ok. So Khushi, I have to take your blood sample for some tests. She briefed her about some precautions to which she listened with all her attention.

She didn't want any risk for her baby.

That's all. She closed the injection filled with her blood and turned to place it in the tray. I will send your reports to your home, if nothing serious is there. She smiled genuinely at the scared soul.

Alright doctor. She got up from the seat.

Wese, Khushi? Doctor called from behind as she was about to open the door.

Yes? She turned.

Why didn't ASR come with you? She asked while shuffling the papers.

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