Effects of an Impact

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Effects of an Impact


[POV: Susan]

It only takes a moment for everything to change. Sometimes it's brought about by a poorly thought out decision or maybe the most important choice of one's life. But whether that moment happens in the back seat of a car or at the alter, the aftermath is lasting. Then there are the times when life is completely out of your control. These are the moments we dread because often enough, losing control leads to losing it all.

The moment before I died I saw the blinding headlights of the SUV swerving towards me. What they say about your life flashing before you? Not true. But, what I did see during those seconds was a face. One I'll never forget. Soft blue eyes, messy hair and the ever present quirky smile. I closed my eyes and waited for the expected impact. I never felt any pain, just the overwhelming sense of a large hand stealing my breath away. Then... darkness.

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