A Curse of Luck (A Kidnapped Story) (32)

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Whitney's (Pov)

That voice so un- like Kieran's makes my blood run cold and my throat tightens and dries up from fear. Did I just make a fatal move? Did I just make another mistake of not staying with Eitan? My heart is racing but I am frozen where I stand. My mind is blank and I don't know what to do.

The man takes a step away from my still form and lets his eyes rove over my form. My eyes are wide and trained on him as well.

Now that I am up close I can see the clear differences between the man standing before me and Kieran. He's tall but not as tall as Will and Kieran, he is also much thinner not skinny but not a lot of muscle formation.

As I said before he does in fact resemble Kieran with his silver hair and facial features. After his eyes asses me I see his nose twitch and his nostrils flare open. He's smelling me just like Kieran had in the past. Then at the exact moment as him our eyes meet, gold with green. His reflecting that of a predator's almost and mines reflecting fear and uncertainty.

He is the first to break our eye contact and the silence between us.

"What are you?" He asks simply and with a quirk of his head as if he is trying to answer his own question before I can give him one.

My voice cracks as I try to speak but with a few coughs and a swallow of what little saliva I have left I manage to find my voice.

"What am I? I don't know what you mean." He looks me up and down as a response and I instinctively cross my arms over my chest trying futilely to hide some of myself.

"Strange very strange, you look like a mere human but your smell...... it-it smells different. Almost like-

A sudden growl covers over whatever he was going to say. My head snaps in the direction of the growl and I see the beast from before the one that attach Eitan and me. If it were even possible I think it is even more frightening and menacing looking than when it was snapping is jawing at Eitan's head.

Then of course the thought of what the heck happened to Eitan enters my mind. Did the beast kill him; the red hue that covers the beast fur at the base of its mouth is not very reassuring. But wouldn't that be my luck to have my kidnapper killed to just be killed by another type of monster.

Oh how cruel fate would be it that was to be my demise. With another snarl from the beast I am brought back from my daydream and the overwhelming urge to flee hits me again. This apparently is written all over my face because the man addressing me once again in a warning.

"Don't run; he loves a good chase. So if you value your flesh I suggest you stay put."

Then the most peculiar and disturbing thing occurs, the monetarist beast trots over to the unknown man licks at his boots and the man pets it. But not only does he pet him he coos almost loving to it.

"You know that thing?" I say with a quiver in my voice.

"His name is the Boar not a thing. And yes I do he is my companion."

"Your companion but- it- he just tried to kill me." I am flabbergasted.

"Did he now? I only sent him after a demon I sensed in the area but I guess you are the other scent I picked up on as well. Tell me the demon you were what is he to you?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean is he your master, companion, kin, or perhaps your mate and lover?"

Lover, oh my god that is the sickest thing I think I have heard in a long time. It gives me the shivers just thinking about such an outrageous notion.


"No I mean no he isn't any of those things. He-  he kidnapped me from my friend. Then Boar attacked, I took off into these trees then I got lost, and I don't know why I am telling you all this."

"He kidnapped you huh? Then Boar attacked you and you ran and came here to only get lost and then mistake me for your friend. What did you call him?"

"Kieran but I guess he was Will at the time." I mutter the last part to myself.

"Kieran?" He looks at me again for a long moment but it is as if he isn't really seeing me. I think he is lost in thought.

I look down unsure about this strange situation I find myself in. I don't know whether or not to be threatened by this man. He has not moved to harm me nor has he said anything threatening.

"Boar didn't kill your kidnapper so we don't have much time. You must come with me."

I look at him questioningly, he cannot think I will just go with him, I don't even know him.


"Somewhere safe but we must hurry." He strides over to me and grabs my hand and before I can even form a thought I am being pulled through the forest to god knows where.

"Wait, let go of me! I can't go with you I need to find my friend again, and we're going the wrong way."

"If we go the other way you will run into your kidnapper. But if you want to do that then I will not stop you." He abruptly let me go and I process what he said. Of course I don't want to see Eitan again, but I cannot just go with the new demon I know nothing about him.

I look behind me and think, do I really want to chance another encounter with Eitan?

No, no I do not this is the time when I am in charge of my fate. I get to choose what road I take next and even though this man is a stranger to me his familiar face is welcoming. I think I need to go with him whatever the outcome. I reach out my hand and he takes is quickly pulling me close behind him. The beast is walking ahead of us and I silently pray that I made the right choice.

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Authors Note: I know very short and I know it took forever to get posted. I will try to post shorter chapters more often when I can. I have work and school so it is hard to find the time. Hope you all enjoyed it anyway. Please vote,comment, and fan.  

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