34 - The Unleashing

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The Narrator

10:30 a.m

Some of the Bolivian and Sri Lankan children had just woken up and were relaxing outside the houses where they stayed. The others were still asleep. It was getting cloudy outside, with the promise of a fresh outburst of rain. Mr. Seneviratne was with Ms. Dayani and they were discussing the disappearances of Avanthi, Shifaly, Malindu, Basura, and Agash.

"I suspect Basura might have conspired with Agash and Malindu to harm the girls," suggested Ms. Dayani.

"Dayani, how can you be so sure? If they conspired, to do something, how could they not have returned?" asked Mr. Seneviratne.

"You know Mr. Seneviratne, that Basura, Agash, and Malindu are a troublesome lot," said Ms. Dayani.

"I know Dayani but even if the boys conspired against the girls, they can't be gone for so long. They don't know how to survive in the jungle," argued Mr. Seneviratne as he put on his boot.

The two teachers were preparing to go searching for the children in the areas near the dam, along with the guide Contreras. They'd been searching through different regions around the dam ever since the five children disappeared without a trace.

Adesh was with Radeesha outside a house in the rows of houses on the former river bed of Princesa Irene where the children stayed. "Where do you think Shifaly and the others are?" asked Adesh as he threw a stone on the ground.

"I have no idea. When Avanthi was with me, she was always telling me of how worried she was seeing Shifaly hang out with Basura. And then one night she just vanished with the others," said Radeesha as she took another stone and threw it further than how far Adesh threw it.

Sanchez Roderigo was standing on the tall embankment. He was surveying the reservoir and the areas around the dam. It looked beautiful to his eyes that he decided to look at the scenery from that vantage point, for a while. That scenery and a breath of fresh air would, he thought, help him refresh his mind before he got to work on figuring out why the computers showed strange numbers.

From there he could smell the smell of the nearing rains. From there, he could see the waters of the reservoir forming waves.

After a few minutes, something odd started occurring.

"Did you see that!" screamed Radeesha pointing to the embankment. Adesh looked in the direction of the tall embankment.

Cracks started appearing on the tall embankment.

"Oh no," muttered Adesh, running away. Radeesha dropped the stone which was in her hand and ran behind Adesh.

"Mr. Seneviratne! Miss Dayani!" screamed Adesh as he ran towards them.

Hearing screams Mr. Seneviratne and Miss Dayani looked at the duo who was running towards them.

"Calm down, Adesh, what is it?" said Miss. Dayani.

"The dam Miss. The dam!" said a terrified Radeesha as she pointed towards the embankment.

Miss Dayani's and Mr. Seneviratne's mouths dropped when they looked in the direction Radeesha was pointing in.

Sanchez's hands which were on the railings began vibrating. He took his hands off the railings and saw that the embankment he was standing on was vibrating.

The gates in the main embankment broke off and water rushed through them. The vibrations on the tall embankment where Sanchez was standing grew stronger and stronger. Sanchez was about to look at the main embankment when cracks appeared next to where he was standing.

Contreras' face showed horror as he saw the tall embankment crumple and fall.

"Run! Run!" he screamed. All those who were outside the houses began running, in vain, from the impending flood. Those who were sleeping inside were doomed to die. Grabbing Radeesha's hand, Adesh tried running away from the flood.

The main embankment fell along with the tall embankment. A huge amount of water collapsed onto the old riverbed of Princesa Irene.

Contreras, Miss. Dayani, Mr. Seneviratne, Radeesha and Adesh were overtaken by the water which killed them. Sanchez's corpse was carried by the water along with the debris of the two embankments of La Abuela De Princesa Irene.

"Disaster. Absolute disaster" as Guerrero Juancho Gutiérrez said before he died, was impending. The water wiped away every person that was in the vicinity of the dam. All the children were drowned by the flood.

The dam officials who were on some higher ground observed the spectacle with terror. Their worst fears came true. La Abuela De Princesa Irene had collapsed, unleashing doom on many.


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