Chapter 1

Katy's POV

Night time

    I looked out the window as I did every night.  The bed creaked a little bit, and I froze in place.  If any of the girls in my room woke up, there would be a heck of a lot of scolding the next morning.

Thankfully no one woke up, so I kept shifting so that I could look up at the stars through the musty, dusty, and unwashed window.  

  The moon was out, shining only a little light through the window, but enough as to where I could see clearly.  

  The first star that I saw was a little star.  There was a star above it, kinda like how the "Second Star to The Right" motto in Peter Pan...and of course that got me excited.  Maybe Peter would come to my little window, and take me off to Never Land where I'd never grow old...and I'd have a family.  

  I soon thought in my head what I wanted to wish for...and I got it.  It was the same wish every night.  Even though tonight felt...different.  Oh who am I kidding?  I say that every night just incase tomorrow, someone, somewhere would want me.  

  I brushed off the feeling and whispered the lines I said every night.

  "Star light star bright first star I see tonight, I wish I may, I wish I might, grant this wish I wish tonight.  I wish that...I'll get adopted."  I looked at the little star for a while longer before my eyes began to get droopy.  I slowly got into my bed, thankfully just a few, not loud creaks sounding from it.  I crawled underneath the few tattered, worn out blankets that the orphanage gave to us and got into a fetal position, trying to keep in some of my body heat.  Slowly I slipped into a deep sleep, dreams of perfect families swirling in my mind.



  The guys and I were out at a little bar in London... it was nice, but the girls were nicer.  I asked the bartender for another beer, but I felt a pang in my heart.  Immediately I stopped and held my heart.  It didn't hurt like a sting, but it was kind of like an abnormally hard heart beat that I could feel everywhere on my body.  Yeah it kinda scared me, but being hung over and having a meeting tomorrow with Uncle Simon scared me even more.  Thankfully the guys were with me, so they would have to face his wrath as well.


Next Morning

Niall’s POV

  I wasn't hung-over at all which made me happy…it made me wonder why because I had at least seven beers last night.  Must be because I’m Irish.  The guys and I were getting ready to leave to get to Syco.  Of course all of us were in the car; except for Zayn.  He had to get his hair just right before he would step out into the open air.  Simon called for an emergency meeting that we all had to attend and not be late for.  He has only had this kind of meeting with us once...and that was right after we placed third in the XFactor, he told us that he wanted to sign us.  And for that reason, we were all of nervous.  When Zayn finally appeared, he hopped in and we gave the limo driver the signal to drive.  Soon enough, we were on our way.

   Our limo driver let us off at the entrance of Syco and we all got out.  As we entered the building there were no paparazzi, which made us move a lot quicker.  We were all waved to by workers and we smiled and waved back.  Once we were able to get to the elevators I released a breath I didn’t know I was holding.  By ourselves we rode the elevator up ten floors.  No one said a word, not even Louis.  We were all scared for some reason, knowing what Simon could do to us.  This may be our last day as a band that is signed to Syco Records.

  Then, the elevator dinged.  A lump in my throat dropped to my stomach and I breathed in deep.  Together we walked right to his office without knocking on the door.  A loud "come in" was heard and Liam opened the door to the emergency meeting.

3rd Person POV

"Simon, you don't have to make us get a child! We already have to deal with Lou!" Niall screamed.

"Hey that's mean!" Louis exclaimed.

Well, I'm not leaving any room open for discussion. You lot are going to the adoption center and adopting a child after lunch!  And Niall, I want you to sign the papers as the legal guardian.  The rest of the guys can sign for caretakers.  The reason that I want Niall to be the legal guardian is because you have been going to too many pubs and bars in your free time, and it's getting a bit out of hand.  I don't mind once or twice every few weeks but seeing that you've gone three times this week alone, you need to learn about a little responsibility.  And I don't want ANY buts!" said Simon. The boys learned that the meeting was about how to boost their sales. Each of them had almost fallen asleep until Simon said they would be adopting a child.

  "I can’t take care of a child S-" Niall started to protest, but Simon cut him off.  Simon didn't know this but the last time that he had an adopted child in his life... 

  "No protesting either."  Simon said with a smirk.  Niall huffed in his seat, not knowing how to get out of being the legal guardian of a child he didn't even know.  

   One of the boys caught onto Niall's distress and immediately tried to get Simon to back out of the order.

"Simon, think about how much hate the girl or boy will get!" Liam commented.

"Well then, it's your job to tell everyone not to give them hate." Simon countered.

"Simon, we also need to take into account the child’s past.  Do you really think that we would be able to, as five teenage boys, take care of them," Liam asked.

  "I believe that you all are per-" Simon began, but Zayn cut him off.

"Well guys when you think about it, it would be cool to have a younger sister on our roller coaster of life," Zayn added almost silently as if he was rethinking his sentence.

"Yeah, I mean, I like the idea of being able to care for a less fortunate child," Harry said.

  "Not helping guys!"  Niall said exasperatedly.

"I really would like to adopt a kid, and just like Hazza said, we’d be giving them a chance at a great life!  And then I’d have like six little sisters!" Louis shouted, perking up with happiness.

"Louis please use your inside voice, and you know what, sorry Niall, but I think that this would be great for not only us, but the child too.  We all would be right by your side, and share the responsibility... so, I'm up for it," said Liam.  Niall huffed and just rolled his eyes, slumped into his chair and crossed his arms much like a child would do.

"I'm going to show her how to style her hair and make her look picture perfect! Zayn added on.

"You alright with it Niall?" Harry asked.

"What about Blair?  Would she forgive me?"  Niall asked himself in his head.  Niall had a war in his mind until he finally came up to the decision to go ahead and adopt the child.

"Well the little girl would have to put up with all of us but I guess that if you all are up for it, then it's OK with me.  But we're all going to have to very careful.  And we all have to like her.  Not only me, or not only Harry, Zayn, Liam or Louis.  We all have to agree on what age, and the child." Niall said to the boys.

  Four "Deals" came his way and the Irishman began to show a little smile, no teeth, just a little grin as if he was happy with the decision.  

"Well then, One Direction is getting a little sister". Simon concluded.

Little did they know, but their lives would soon change completely, but only in One Direction.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok.. cheesy ending, but that is the start.  If you all keep on reading, I'll be the happiest person in the world.  Thank you :)

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