Chapter 1 Draft

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The crackling of gunfire was followed by a loud explosion nearby. David woke up from his bed, startled and unsure of whether or not what he heard was a dream or reality. He crept over to his bedroom door and anxiously opened it, peering down the hall. Nobody was there.

Darkness, loud bangs, and zooming planes filled the air; some close, some further away.

David continued down the hall to the living room window. He heard his father give a loud cry from his bedroom. "What the hell is goin on out there!"

Confused and a little scared David went to the front door. He took a step outside and the smell of smoke instantly filled his nostrils. He then looked directly across the road to his neighbor's house. It was a ball of fire against the midnight sky, encompassed by shards of glass and burning wood.

Shit, David thought to himself as he began running over to the neighbor's house in hopes of helping.

He stopped in the middle of the road, distracted by a seemingly unending fleet war jets with red and gray design, his arms shook from the fear of venturing further, unknowing of what was to come. Apprehensively David’s eyes came down from the sky back to his neighbor’s house. He whispered in to himself in a dark wonder, "What the fuck is going on around here?" David overcame the aversion and rushed across the street to help his neighbors.

He opened their front door and squinted down into the smoke-filled remains of what used to be their living room. The thick engulfed his lungs and he began to cough when he heard a faint voice from the next room over, "Who's that? Is someone there?"

David maneuvered his way to the noise through the searing heat and found his neighbors on the kitchen floor, lying in a pool of crimson blood. One of them was still alive looked up at him with watery eyes and said, "Help, please... help."

David looked down and saw a piece of aluminum slicing into his neighbor's stomach. He dropped heavily to the ground and tried to cover the wound but only found he doesn't know what to do. David, realizing the death of his neighbor was inevitable, began to wonder how this all was possible.

Another fleet of planes swept over the night sky and a loud siren began from down the road. David looked at the shaking hands on his neighbor's stomach and a gush of blood flooded from the wound. His neighbor struggled to say something but was too weak to get out a word. The man's eyes closed and his head fell to the side. David sat there, stunned, trying to process what had just happened. He tried to be calm and think rationally, but he couldn’t, he was too overwhelmed with emotion, he has never seen someone die before. A cold chill shoot up David’s spine.

A moment passed and David returned to his feet, his eyes filled with terror and his arms quivering as his mind drifted back into the memory of his eighteenth birthday; the last time he'd seen his neighbors.

There was another blast. David's body was blown back-first into the kitchen counter. Fragments of the window and front wall followed and left little gashes in his chest. The blast temporarily paralyzed him. When he regained control he put his hands over his head and slammed his eyes shut, expecting another explosion. He attempted to stand but fell back down on the bloody kitchen floor. His head was woozy from the smoke, his vision was blurred, and there was a strong ringing in his ears from the explosion. As he slowly came back to reality he could hear the sound of his heart racing, faster and faster...

David looked through the destroyed front window revealing that his own house was hit. His blue eyes widened in horror as he glanced at former household memories becoming mere embers and ash in the road. Then David looked up from the embers in the road, still dazed by the explosion, and saw the whole front half of his house destroyed.

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