That One Time My World Fell Apart

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(Five Years Later) *Play the Song Above While Reading*

"Bang!" "Bang!"

Emma heard the horrible sound play through her head over and over. It wouldn't go away. Sitting in the hospital, waiting to hear the news on her parents fate, wasn't how she expected her day to go.

Emma and her dad were working in the lab tirelessly figuring out her levitation abilities. It only took two straight weeks of being in there every day after school until midnight for her to master them. After being cooped up in there for so long, Emma's mom decided they should have day out as a family.

The day started out great. They all got lunch, went shopping, and even had some ice cream. Her mom said something about needing to go to the bank across town, and Emma reluctantly obliged. The drive there was filled with only small talk, since everyone was tired. That was when Emma started to get a weird feeling in her stomach. She shook it off, assuming it was from eating so much today.

They eventually arrived at the bank, and Emma decided to stay in the car because she was tired. Plugging in her headphones, she started her playlist and closed her eyes.

Then she heard it.

"Bang!" "Bang!"

Emma unplugged her headphones and listened. Screams could be heard from the building she was parked in front of. Her heart started racing in her chest "No, no, no" she thought to herself as she got out of the car and ran to a window to see what was happening in the building.

She saw a man start to run out of the door Emma was standing by. She knew she had to do something. Nerves racked her body as she tried to figure out what to do without being discovered. Seeing a plastic bag on the ground, she picked it up and poked two eyeholes in it.

The gunman ran outside and Emma was quick to use her powers. She used an electric charge which only stunned him, then used her newfound levitation skills to tie him up. Ripping off her mask/bag, she ran inside to see if everyone was okay.

There were two people laying on the ground. She immediately recognized the bodies. They were the two people she loved most in the world. The people that gave her forehead kisses and told her everything was gonna be alright. The same people that bandaged her scrapes and scratches. The people that scooped her up and put her in bed, when she was sick. There they laid, unmoving and lifeless.

Grief wracked every single bone in her body. A sob escaped from her lips and before she knew it she was on her knees, letting the tears flow freely. A few seconds later cops and paramedics rushed in. But Emma didn't notice them. She didn't notice the paramedics take her parents somewhere. She only came to her senses when a police officer came up to her, asking where her family was. She couldn't get the words out, so instead she broke down in tears once more. The man got it and asked if she wanted him to take her to the hospital. Emma silently nodded her head.

And now here she was. Waiting for the inevitable news, that will confirm that she is an orphan. The doctor eventually came out telling her in the mist delicate way he could that her parents had "passed on". She simply nodded her head and left, having no more tears left to cry.

She walked the whole way home, her thoughts consuming her. She felt pain, sorrow, and grief, but was she felt most was guilt. She should've been there and saved them. That was when she vowed to herself, never to miss out on an opportunity to help others with her powers.

Making it to the apartment, she used the spare key and walked inside. But to her surprise, someone was sitting on the couch. And not just anyone. Captain America was in Emma's living room.

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