Chapter 41 No words...

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Make sure you listen to the song that goes with this chapter :(


Before I left I texted Nico that I was on my way.  I grabbed some cash and then when I got downstairs the security guard told me to wait inside and he would call me a taxi.  I was jittery as I waited and Stefan, the security guard noticed.  He looked at me with a question in his eyes.  "I'm going to meet Nico," I told him in explanation.  He smiled and went back to the monitors on his desk.  A few minutes later he told me my taxi was here.

I gave him the address of the club and we were soon on our way.  When I arrived the driver looked at me like I was nuts.  Or maybe he realized I was underage and didn't believe that I'd get in. 

"You want me to wait here a few minutes?" he asked.

"No, it's okay.  I know the owner, I'm just meeting him here, I'm not a member or anything."

"Okay kid, just be safe," the older man said with a smile.  I gave him a big tip and stepped out of the car.

I walked up to the big door and opened it.  There was a bouncer right inside and he was looking at me like I was a joke.

"Kid, what are you doing here," he asked with his gruff voice.

"Umm, I'm here to see Nico…Nicolas Salazar," I stammered nervously at the big guy.  I mean, he was a really big guy.  Just then a girl came down the stairs.

"It's okay Franco," she told him, "he's with Mr. Salazar."  He raised his eyebrows and then shrugged.

"Go ahead kid."

I started up the stairs, when I reached the girl she smiled.  "Hi, I'm Lauren," she said holding out her hand. 

"I'm Finn," I said dully as I shook her hand.  I was getting more and more confused and wishing I had just stayed at the apartment.

"Mr. Salazar had someone ask me to meet you down here.  I'll take you upstairs."  She turned around and I followed her up towards the loud music.  When we got upstairs, she took me toward the back and pointed down a hallway.  "He's in the room at the end of the hall, the one that says 'Private Room G' ".

"Are you sure?" I asked, my mouth getting dry.  Memories of the last private room I was in at this club were bouncing around my head.

"Yeah, 'G' that's the one he had reserved.  I'm the hostess so I handle all the room assignments.  It's okay, go on," she encouraged.  "I have to get back to the front now, have a good night!"

I walked slowly down the hallway.  It kind of felt like one of those movies, like a horror movie, the hallway seemed so long and I felt like the character that people are yelling at, "Don't go in there, don't go in there!"  But this isn't a movie.  This is just me being super silly and over dramatic.  Suck it up Finn!  I took a deep breath and when I got to 'Private Room G' I opened the door.

The first think I noticed was weird music.  I'm not even sure what type, maybe like some kind of electronic jazz.  It was creepy.  I took a small step in and in the next moment I wished I had listened to those voices.  The ones that said "Don't go in there".  It was worse than I could ever have imagined.  There was a platform in the middle of the room and empty chairs were situated around it.  I saw two naked bodies.  One of which I would recognize anywhere, the other took me a moment to place.  Gerard.  But it got worse.  Gerard was swaying to the music in front of Nico.  Twirling and moving his hips seductively.  I couldn't see Nico's face because he was lying down on his back on the platform and I don't think he could see me.

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