Special 14k chapter

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Can I get a whoop whoop for 14k?!?!

Fun fact: I only began this story in early feb of this year 🤭🤭 craaazzy right?

Anywho, I wrote this chapter for fun. None of this is cannon so don't take it personal and there's no spoilers, so read away 🥰🥰🥰

And a big THANK YOU to all who have read this book xoxo I really mean it you guys are awesome 😍😍😍

Interview with Macey and Connor.

POV - Omnipresent (so don't murder me for head hopping.)

"This better be good," groaned Connor, dragging his feet along the lime green carpet with his eyes rolling more than once. "I don't see why we were called out of class. This small interview sounds senile and a waste of time."

He had spent an insane amount of time preparing for today's spells class, staying up later than usual to best Macey at water spells. As long as they don't ask about brother, I'll most likely survive.

"Shut up nerd," muttered Macey, eating at a chocolate bar, skipping towards their destination.

Even she was a bit skeptical about this small interview, unknown about the content and where this interview was had in store for her. What if weirdos read this. She then looked at Connor, who's facials looked as if he was going to throw up any second, puzzled by the fact it was the two of them being summoned to this small interview. What if they ask about — us.

Connor looked at Macey who showed a disgusted facial expression, making his mind ponder about certain facts that may have bought him here. Is it because he's a Heslington? If so there why was Macey with him as well? Is it because she's the moon mage? Maybe it's our rivalry?

"Is this the room?" asked a perplexed Macey. "Don't think I've ever been here before."

Connor groaned. "That's because you have no reason to. This is the guests suites for families who are visiting the students here at the institute."

Pushing the door open, Macey rolled her eyes. "Hopefully this interview injects fun into your veins. You're in desperate need of some."

The guest suite was a grand room. This very room screamed luxury, with gold patterns etched into a black texture wall. There was barely any furniture, only three chairs and a coffee table that had a teapot and two cups with a saucer.

Sitting in a chair was a woman who looked a bit like Macey. She had raven black hair that flowed down her shoulders and skin that looked like she had been in the sun the whole summer. Her clothing was nothing but black with a small jade pendant hanging off her neck.

There was something about her that felt ominous. Her mere presence gave both Connor and Macey a vibe they couldn't explain, slightly — god like.

Who is this woman, thought Connor, feeling this drop of sweat roll down his brow.

Damn that tea looks good, thought Macey as her skin felt like it was being pricked by needles. But seriously, this lady is creeping me out. Her energy feels like my moon magic — but worse.

The lady sat there, legs folded, sipping lightly at her tea. With the subtle presence of both Connor and Macey, it prompted her to look up with a shy smile across her face.

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