Chapter 3

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The next morning I woke up and got my outfit ready for today's trial, this would probably be one of my biggest trials yet, as I'm the prosecutor for a case (A/N- I pretty sure you cant be a defender and a prosecutor but for this story let's just pretend) of a man killing his wife to take her life insurance money.
As I was getting dressed
(Outfit Above ^^)
My phone started to ring
  (Incoming Call from
  Doctor Bongki😉)

I immediately picked it up
"Good Morning Bongki"

"Morning, Dohee how are you "

"Im gut just getting ready for today's trial, yanno the wife killing man"

"Yah I know, be careful out there I don't want you getting hurt"

"Don't worry babe I'll be safe"

"You better" he said in a playful tone

"Anyways why did you call" I asked

"I just wanted to let you know I'm outside your house so I can drive you to work" he replied

"Oh really why didn't you tell me you were gonna pick me up today?" I questioned him

"Well I woke up in the mood to see you and couldn't wait till lunch time so I came to the conclusion on picking you up this morning" he responded

"Alright I'll be down in a few" I said giggling at his dorkiness

I finished getting ready and headed downstairs, as I was about to head out the door Guk-doo stopped me

"And where are you going" he asked

"To work, where else would I go pabo" I responded

"And who is gonna take you I'm nowhere near ready?" he questioned ignoring the part of me calling him an idiot

"Bong-ki is here to pick me up" I replied

"Why would he come to pick you up so early" he really is starting to annoy me with all his questions

"Stop being annoying I'm leaving, bye bitch" I said to him walking out the door.

I just ignored him and kept walking. I saw Bong-ki waiting outside as he leaned on his car, he finally saw me and stood correctly. When I finally approached him I gave him a hug
"Hey, are you ready to go" he asked as he hugged me back

"Yeah" I said pulling away
He opened the door for me, after I got in he closed it and went to get in the car.
He started the car and we were off

"So how has work been" I asked him

"It's been alright the men Bong-Soon beat up yesterday were at our hospital she beat them pretty bad"

"Well by what she told me they deserve and it, what kind of men dare to lay a hand on a girl like that and beat up and old man in front of many little kids  it's just straight up fuc—" he cute me off

"Hey language" he said sternly

"Fucked up"

"Ya I said language, and Ik it is but she could have gone a little easier on them" he said

"Nahhhh I would've done the same amount of damage or maybe even worse" I said angrily clenching my hands

"Okay,okay calm down babe" he said while holding my onto my hand to calm me down, eyes still on the road ahead.
We finally arrived at my work place and I took my seat belt off.

"Well I'm off to work remember lunch, I'll see ya later love you" giving him a quick peck on the lips and got out the car and started walking away

He rolled down the window a called out
I turned and smiled at him then went inside the building after I saw him drive off
*sigh* Welp another day of work here I goooooooo.

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