Chapter 1: Angelo, Angela, and Antonio.

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"Mom! Ant took my phone once again. Give it back!" Angela exclaimed running through the castle halls using her powers.

A tree branch extended from outside breaking through the glass grabbing the phone from Antonio giving it to her. Her and the tree branch high five as the branch goes back to its original position.

"Unfair, you always use your nature powers." He groans while she smirks. Angelo walks into the room sweating bricks while he looks at the broken glass on the ground and the sudden breeze hitting his body.

"Bro.. you look.."

"Disgusting. I smell you're stench." Angela finished off while Clarity walked into the room her sight going at the triplets then the broken glass.

"reducti sunt."

The mirror went back to its original form while the three were pointing to each other.

"Don't count me in this. I went out for a run." Angelo growled while Clarity raises her brows.

"We will deal with this later. But, Angelo. Your father needs to speak with you."

"You mean.. my uncle. Riccardo isn't my father." He hissed while Angela and Antonio gulped walking to there rooms.

"Angelo, relax. What has gotten into lately?" She asks while he turns to his mother.

"I'm sixteen mom. Sixteen, my fathers they, there birthdays are tomorrow. How can I sit here and be all sunshine and rainbows knowing that you had sex with his brother! For all I know our fathers could be alive if it wasn't FOR YOU!" Angelo exclaimed stomping on the ground causing his mother to fall into a wall.

She drops on the ground. While he quickly shakes his head running to his mother while everyone comes out of there rooms.

"What... the hell happened?" Riccardo said running out of his office while Angelo looked at his hands then his mom.

"I- I didn't mean too. My rage. It's gotten worse. I'm so sorry."

"It's fine. I'll be fine." Clarity says slowly getting up with the help of Riccardo.

"Are you okay?" Angela asked while the brother turned to her. She watched his eyes glow bright red, his claws stretching out.

"No." He huffs, his voice gets levels deeper as if he was a demon.

Angela is taken back while she goes to her mother helping her dust off the dress she wore.

Angelo goes back to himself. While running towards mom.

"I said I'm okay. Riccardo still needs to talk to you Angelo. I understand, you're fathers are... truly missed. But what I did doesn't define me. They died for us, for you and not only that but for me. Cassandra will be coming tomorrow, so be prepared for training."

Everyone nods while once again they go there separate ways. Angelo follows his step dad to his office closing the door behind him. The boy takes a seat as did Ricardo.

"Angelo, your mother she's worried about you. You're anger has gone off the charts. What's really going on?" Riccardo asks while Angelo shrugged his shoulders looking at him.

"I turn 18 in two years. My powers are expanding. So far I can only control ice and wind. I can't transform at all. But my anger is something that has been with me since I was 8."

Riccardo looked at him up and down as they continued to have a conversation.

- Angela's P.O.V -

"Roses of color, sparkles through the night let your love and fury ignite my might." She whispered using her hands to create roses throughout her bedroom. She smiles watching green sparkles come from her room.

Roses grew on her ceiling as Antonio walked in sneezing. "Hey, hey, turn the nature powers down a little aye? Cassandra's coming tomorrow and the last thing I need is to get allergies.

"That old hag again? Its not enough that she tortures is for not getting are spells out correctly?" Angela chuckles while Ant shrugs his shoulders sitting on her bed made of branches.

"Do you think Angelo is going to be okay?" He asks while Angela shrugs her shoulders adjusting the picture of her fathers.

"There birthdays are tomorrow after all. They sacrificed themselves for us... it's crazy but, I miss them."

"You miss them? That's crazy, yes it is you normally are the one to hate them. After what mom told you their past."

"Yes yes ant. I'm aware but still I may talk bad about them but after all they did help mom."

Antonio hugs his sister goodnight as she waves off him closing the door she sits down looking at the window seeing something in the woods.

She opens her window more using the tree branches to expose the golden mirror.

A circle like

A circular golden mirror that called her name. She whispers to the trees using there branches to bring the mirror towards her window she grabs it sending the branches back to there original form.

Her arms struggle to hold it as she uses a small spell to untangle her closet door knob opening it.

She puts the mirror behind her clothes closing the door once again.

"...Research time."


First chapter guys ! I really hope you like this I HAVE ALOT OF PLANS FOR THIS BOOK! I'm so excited sooo 🥳 please enjoy this new content.

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