Part 19

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"Hah~ I'm hungry!! Nicky, Let's brunch!!! Meet you at Open Sesame!"
I smiled as I walked away from him.

Nick, who was on a ground, full of bruises, gave a weak thumbs up and then dropped his hand in exhaustion. is this girl, human? She's a demon in innocent girl's clothing!!!

Meanwhile, at the Vangelia Mansion...

The door opens and it reveals, Mr. Vangelia.

"Papa!! You're home!!" A sweet young voice called out to him.

He walks into the living room and sees his oldest daughter, Riya on the couch, smiling at him. He frowns and looks around the room.

"Where's Eve?" He asks her, in a serious and non-affectionate way which made Riya have cold shivers and sweat on her.

"I-I dont know? M-maybe she went out with Lily? Why? Do you need her for something?" Riya suddenly gets curious at why he's asking her.

Mr. Vangelia shook his head and went into his usual room he always goes. His Library and his personal room.

He sits in his seat and leans forward and places his arms on his desk, his head under his hands.

His personal butler, Jason, looks up at his master and sees his seriousness.

"What's the matter, Master?" Jason asks as he pours his master a cup of warm tea.

Mr. Vangelia looks at the filled warm tea. The white, faint, lines of smoke linger above it and disappears. His fingers goes around the teacup and takes a sip of it.

A smile goes onto his lips as he takes a sip.

"Master?" Jason called out.

He settles the teacup down and leans back.

"What do you think about Eve?" He asks, his fingers on his chin.

"Miss Eve is a good, sweet girl. Although she is, pardon me, has problems, she is also a genius according to her school while you were gone. Why do you ask?" Jason asks.

Mr. Vangelia laughs for a bit as he thinks back about how he saw Eve beating his friend's son, Nick.

"Where's Eve right now?" He asks Jason.

"Miss Eve is grounded by her mother because she broke her sister's ankle at school. I don't know where she is staying though. Do you, master, know where Miss Eve is?" Jason asks.

"Maybe. But, that's not important. Send some people to watch Eve and report them back to me." Mr. Vangelia said and turns around to see the view outside.

————Few days later...—————

"Hello, Miss Eve. Are you going to visit the CEO?" The young girl in a formal suit asks me, behind the desk.

"Yes, I am! Can I go now?" I asks them, simply.

The young girl nods and Up, up we go!!!

But what she didn't except was her father to be there...

She opens the door with a huge smile on her face.

"HELLLOOO, MY FRIE....oh...."

The attention was on me.

"Eve?" A deep, familiar voice called out to her.

I look at the person.

Oh, it's my father. WAIT WHA—

"Hi, father." I unconsciously said and made my way to Sasha, not realizing my dad was staring at me.

Sasha who saw my appearance, gave a cold sigh and massages her temples.

"Here, I gave you a triple lunch! This one is a healthy sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes and mayonnaise and a little bit a chicken meat. The second one is
smash potatoes with gravy on top of it!! And the third one...find it out for yourself!!! Well then, BU-BYE!!"


I let out a deep breath.


Wait, why does that have to do with me??

I was walking until I bumped into somebody.


I look up.



I am in confusion....

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