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the boys were going to the studio to officially record a few songs they're planning on releasing soon instead of brandon keeping them on his laptop, so the boys were all doing their own thing while waiting for the call for them to leave.

because the boys have been helping me look for a steady job so i can save up and go to school, i've been patiently waiting for some form of  acceptance by any of the jobs i interviewed. so when brandon walked up to me with a letter sent for me, my heart instantly began to race.

hesitantly, i grabbed the letter from his hand, slowing ripping it open.

"read it for me" i turn my head away from it and hand it to brandon

"vic, you killed your interview you shouldn't be nervous" he laughs "read it" he hands it back to me and take a deep breath before pulling the paper out

"October 3rd, 2019

Victoria Cortes
**** ______ st.

Dear Victoria,

Thank you for applying for our job opening. After carefully reviewing your qualifications, we have decided to pursue other candidates whom we feel more closely meets our needs at this time.

We appreciate your interest in our company, and the time it took to apply with us. Please feel free to apply for open positions with us in the future.

again, thank you for considering us as a potential employer. We wish you success in your career pursuit.


Hiring Manager"

reading the letter to myself i pushed it aside, shaking my head and sighing.

"bad news ?" brandon asks and i nod disappointedly "i'm sorry" he puts his arm around me 

"it's ok, this is only one rejection, i applied to like three other ones too so i'll be good"

he smiles and nods, pulling out his phone to go back on twitter like he was before.

the boys and i all looking up from our phones when someone started honking outside, signaling that the boys' ride was here.

"we're gonna be back in a couple hours, call me if anything" brandon kisses me goodbye while the rest of the boys walk out to the car

"of course love, have fun" i hug him before standing by the door watching them walk away

brandon walked backwards towards it, smiling, waving and blowing kisses at me like as if this is our last time seeing each other but i found it adorable.

"turn the fuck around before you fall nigga" edwin snaps and brandon laughs

closing and locking the door i walked to the living room and turned on the tv. unintentionally starting to fall asleep when heard a knock on the door.

opening the door, there stood zions big ass who came in looking around the living room, probably because he left his hat on the couch.

like i suspected, he simply put his snapback on and walked back out to the car.

"stupid big body bitch" i laughed, locking the door once again and sitting back on the couch

right when i started getting comfortable, another. damm. knock. angrily getting up and unlocking the door i stopped in my tracks, taking in what was in front of me.

who was in front of me.

"did you miss me ?"

a/n- lol oop 😗

ima have a extra chapter after this that goes more in depth of the characters since i ain't really give a lot of background and ya kinda need it to understand it so yeah.

buttt the sequels gonna be out real real soon and i promise ya, ya not ready 😍✋🏼

(update: the sequels out nowww and it's called 'save me' so go check that outttt 🙈)

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