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"baby" i whispered to vicki who was lying on my chest


"wake up and get dressed, i wanna take you out" i answer making her quickly wake up and make her way to the bathroom to take a shower

i walked into the bathroom after i heard she was in the shower to brush my teeth and wash my face before throwing on a quick outfit.

the rest of the boys were still asleep since it's only a little after 10am, so i tried my best to put on my chains without them waking edwin up because of all of the banging against each other.

vicki came back into my room, already dressed and ready but trying to hold in her laughter when watching me slowly put on my chains one by one.

"b, just don't wear them just for today before you spend the next ten minutes putting them on" she laughs lowly and helps me take the three i had on off

"my neck feels so naked" i caress my neck where my chains sat seconds before and shook my head

"i like the way you look without them more anyways" she pecks my cheek and goes to grab her little purse


vicki and i were waiting for our food to come since we made our order only a few minutes before and the place had a decent amount of people waiting for theirs as well.

"if you weren't in your 'situation' what would you have done after you graduated ?"

"i wanted- well i still want to be a pediatrician, there's nothing in this world that i love more than little kids"

"i like kids too, i have two little siblings back in texas" i smile and show her a picture of me and my siblings

"please their so cute i wanna squeeze their cheeks" she squeals making me laugh

"i'll take you with me the next time i go visit them... if you want" i tell her more like a question

"yeah yeah, of course, i'd really like that" she smiles shyly

the way we were seated gave me a perfect view of her making it practically impossible for me to not to catch a few off guards of her.

she had her elbow leaning on the table, leaning her face against her hand while staring into space. she smiled a little when realizing i was taking pictures of her and covered the camera.

"brandon stop" she laughs and takes my phone out of my hand and placing it under her thigh

"i'm posting them later so i don't need my phone right now anyways" i shrug and lean my head against my fist with a slight smirk on my face

"b, your fans are already blowing me up asking me if we're together, if you post another picture of me their just gonna be more curious about it"

"they won't be curious if i just tell them your my girlfriend" i blurt out mindlessly, not really paying attention to the fact that we weren't really an official couple yet

"am i your girlfriend ?"

"i mean yeah... if you want to be ?" i ask her and scratch the back of my head nervously

without saying anything else, she grabbed my face and kissed me softly.

"is that a yes ?"

"my nigga- yes !" she laughs "excuse me, we've been waiting for our orders for about a half hour, it doesn't take that long to make scrambled eggs and home fries !" vicki complains to one of the waiters passing by

"and don't put too much sour cream on my food this time !"

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