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aaliyah came over to the prettymuch house for the first time today and we were in the middle of catching up on everything that's happened in the past two months.

"so you used to fuck around with zion ? and now your dating brandon ?" aaliyah clarifies and i nod


"how the hell you managed to get two fine ass dudes in the span of like two months ? they got any friends cuz..." she laughs

"there's nick" "the rest of the band are in relationships"

"nick's the white boy with the nice jawline right ?"

"mhm, you wanna meet him ?" i ask and she shrugs

with that i walked to nick's room where he was laying down on his phone.

"wassup vic" he nods

"you want a girlfriend ?" i ask him blunty and he shrugs and nods "we'll get up then nigga" i groan causing him to quickly stand up and follow me to the living room

"i swear if she's a white girl ima scream" nick complains making me laugh

"anyways, this is aaliyah, aaliyah this is nick" i push him closer to her and be goes to shake her hand

"nice to meet you" she smiles

"likewise" he sits across from her and i walked back out give the two time to get to know each other

brandon was in the garage making music like he usually was so i made my way over there to keep him company.

immediately when walking in, i could see brandon popping his head to a beat he just made and staring at his laptop concentratedly.

not wanting to disturb his work process, i sat beside him and placed my hand on his shoulder while watching him experiment with different sounds.

"you fuck with this ?" he asks and plays a track from his notes labeled "what is love ?"

it had a real nice beat and flow to it along with brandon's vocals sounding angelic as usual.

"yeah it has a cool vibe to it and the beat is fire" i nod making him smile

"thank you thank you, i just started recording it and i've been playing around with it and stuff" he goes on about the music making process confidently and i didn't mind it at all

seeing how happy talking about his career makes him, i could sit hear and listen to him all day.

i leaned my head on his shoulder with his hand resting on my inner thigh. watching how effortlessly he combined different sounds all in one to create something that was sure to be a hit.

"brandon, that's your sixth red bull, just go to sleep !" i laugh as he places the now empty can of red bull besides the other five

"sleep is for broke people, i got money to make and i cant make money without music" he defends himself and i roll my eyes playfully

"sometimes i wish i robbed cyrus to his last dollar before i left" i shake my head making him laugh "he had too much money for his own good"

"is that why you stood with him ?"

"not really, it was more because he was giving me a place to stay, he didn't let me get a job since the last one i had was going to call the cops on him since she kept seeing bruises on me"

"oh" he replies, obviously not really knowing how to respond

"every time we bring that nigga up it fucks up the mood so how bout we stop doing that" i tell him more like a question and he nods

"your hair looks really pretty" he says innocently and starts playing with a few of my curls

a/n- next 2 chapters gonna be fillers cuz i'm tryna get to the sequel 🤣

(this is unedited so if ya see any mistakes don't hesitate to correct me)

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