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after a bunch of fans starts blowing up my socials with questions back who vicki was, i decided to just ignore all of it. replying to them will only make it worse and will end in more assumptions being made especially after zions little response to the fans in that group chat from the other day.

i felt bad at the fact that she was now being bombarded by beanz who were asking her the same questions they were asking me.

"you good love ?" i asked vicki who sat beside me on my bed, watching empire on her phone

"mhm" she nods

"you need anything ? you hungry ? you cold ? you wanna talk ?" i ask her softly

"you know" she turns to me and puts her phone down "cyrus's birthdays coming up and it's been making me feel all emotional for some reason" she admits and pauses her show

"it's just you mentally adjusting to him being gone for good, maybe deep down you still think he's gonna come back"

"i do, you dont know him like i do b, he's way smarter than you think and on top of that, he's crazy" she shakes her head

"babygirl, i'm here, ill always be here, he's not gonna do anything to you anymore and you don't have to worry about him and i mean it, i promise you i won't let anything happen to you while your here vic" i lift us her chin so we could make eye contact and i could see the pain in her eyes

a years worth of emotional, mental, and physical pain built up behind the smile she wore so often. her eyes starting to water as she stared into mine. i pulled her into my chest, holding her tightly. all i want is for all her to be happy. for her to feel nothing but love while in my presence and the only way that would happen is if all thoughts of something bad happening to her go away.

"you do way more for me than you should" she mumbles

"nah i'm actually not doing enough, you just don't look at yourself the way i do" i admit and she remains silent, holding onto me gently

looking down at her laying in my lap, i knew i would do whatever it takes to make happy, whatever it takes to keep her happy.

"you mean way to me more than you think vicki, i just... i admire everything about you" "your personality is so pure and genuine even with people you barely know" "you have such a contagious smile and laugh" "you always know how to lighten up the mood with your humor" "and on top of all that, your gorgeous" i finish, causing her to sit up and smile at me

simply staring into my eyes before wrapping her arms around my neck and pecking me softly on my lips, only for me to brings my hands to cup her face and kiss her again.
climbing on top of her, deepening and intensifying the kiss to where we were seconds away from being completely naked.

"you want to ?" i ask her and she quickly nods


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