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My life has never been run-of-the-mill, but discovering a whole new race of wizards and witches is starting to make my head spin. Not to mention the intense dedication to gothic aesthetics. Perhaps it's not the worse thing: floating candles far above our heads cast a romantic glow over the entire room, and the shimmering stars which twinkle in place of the ceiling certainly set a dramatic tone, but it's an odd choice nonetheless.

If we can't get back soon we'll need the same arcane robes as everyone else to blend in. Slipping out of the room unnoticed would have been nearly impossible if not for the rush of excitement brought on by the apparition of a feast and the conclusion of first-year sortings. I manage to make my way out first and wait for the others near the door. Once we're all free we turn the corner into another hallway to get more distance between us and the wizards.

We were all still in shock, shooting glances at each that screamed "wOt iN tArnAtiOn". Percy was the first to put an actual voice to our thoughts.

"One more secret society, one more adventure I guess."

"Only we don't know what we're doing here," I counter, "there's no prophecy for us to follow, and there's no apparent reason for us actually being here. No problem for us to solve, or quest to complete. Maybe we should just go home.

"I would agree with you Annabeth," Hazel started in her usual honeysuckle-toned voice, "but someone must have intended for us to get here if they knew to call our names for sorting."

Thinking back to my private discussion with the sorting hat, I realize that Hazel's right. For whatever ludicrous reason we're meant to be here. "I guess we're just going to have to figure out why we're here then. Has anybody had any weird dreams or omens coming to them lately?"

Everyone shakes their head after a moments thought.

"This isn't like when we found New Rome. Even then we sort of had an inkling of their existence given the nature of the gods. And it wasn't exactly kept a secret, most of you just never asked about its existence." Nico pointed out.

"Alright since we're completely lost here, maybe we should reach out to camp. I'm sure Rachel might have some insight for us." Percy suggested. "Anybody have a drachma for an Iris message?"

Leo offers up a coin and Percy gathers mist by a nearby torch to form a rainbow.

"Oh fleecy, do me a solid. Please show me Rachel Elizabeth Dare, wherever she is."

The rainbow wavered as if buffering for a minute before the ultra-crisp, beyond 4K HD image of Rachel sketching in what seemed to be the catacombs of Paris appeared. The burst of colors reflected across the ivory bones protruding from the walls immediately alerted her to our call.

"Hey guys, you kinda caught me in an awkward place right now. I swear I'm not in a cult or anything, I'm just working on a piece for my portfolio."

"It's a cool place. My dad took me there for Halloween once. Weird bonding activity. "

"It's kind of poetic to me Nico. It definitely sends a message, I'm just not too sure what yet- but it's sure as hell going to make a good piece. Anyways, what can I do for you guys?"

Percy cleared his throat,"Well, you see... we seem to have stumbled upon a hidden society of wizards, and we're looking for a little guidance."

"That's- that-", her sketchbook slipped out of her hands and she kneeled down to pick it up, " I can't even say I'm surprised anymore. I'm sorry. I haven't picked up on anything recently, and I certainly don't have a prophecy for you. But if I do, I'll be sure to let you know."

Percy shot a worried glance to me. "Well thanks for your input, all the same."

"No problem, it was nice hearing from you guys. We should plan something when we all get back to the states."

"Totally. Thanks Fleecy, we're done with our call."
With Percy's final goodbye, the Iris message shimmered out of existence. "So what do you guys want to do now?"

"We can't really go home now, we've already made quite an entrance here and it would be suspicious if we left;" pointed out Reyna, "even if we were to leave we don't really have a way out. From the views on the train I'm guessing we're in Scotland now."

"Maybe I could shadow travel us all out - or Percy could call Mrs. O'Leary, or Pegasi, or something."

"I left her O'Leary's whistle at home, and I can't seem to get a hold of any Pegasi right now."

"And you're definitely not up for shadow traveling all of us." Will chimed in.

Leo ran his fingers through his hair, coaxing an old idea into a possible reality, "I've been working on some Festus upgrades, and if the Hephaestus cabin can finish them up for me, we could get home on Argo III. But it's going to take them a while."

Nobody seemed particularly happy about the wait, but it seemed we had run out of options.

"For now, we should all try to keep our heads low" I said, "We don't know exactly why we're here yet, but it'll be safest if they don't know we're demigods. Plus the less of an impression we make, the easier it will be to disappear when the time comes."

Staying incognito around these wizards is going to be a challenge. But if any group of people is up to a challenge, it's us. Staying out of trouble, however, has never been our forté. I hope to gods that everything won't go down in flames (as it usually does).

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