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The land around them was littered with fallen demigods and monsters still dotting the landscape sparsely.

Percy looked upon Tartarus, the man who had brought pain upon him.

Upon Nico.

Upon Annabeth.

Upon so many of his friends.

Percy's vision was red in rage, anger powering his attacks as he slashed at Tartarus, who seemed barely effected.

The Onyx black swords that Tartarus held were made of a substance similar to Stygian Iron, sucking in the light around it.

The air around him was cold, shivers constantly running up your spine.

Tartarus hardly tried to fight against Percy's attacks, Riptide only sliding through his body as if he was made of the shadows.

Soon, Percy had tired, his lean body dotted with long gashed from Tartarus' dark swords. A sadistic grin had spread onto Tartarus' face.

"Where's your little girlfriend now, Perseus?" He asked in mock innocence.

"She was my fiancé," Percy sneered back at him.

"Well, I guess that's too bad, because she's dead."

Percy growled at him, baring his teeth. Tartarus' expression became more stoic.

"Tell me, you Demigod, do you regret it?"

Percy snapped back to reality, shooting Tartarus a questioning glance, tilting his head ever so slightly to the right.

"Regret what?" Percy asked, confused.

"Do you regret fighting wars? Falling into my domain? Sacrificing your friends? Only to watch her die?"

"Do you regret giving up everything only for the brain spawn to die in front of you?"

Percy looked up to Tartarus, his eyes slightly cloudy and wistful.

"I don't regret a second of it."

Percy had never believed Annabeth to be helpless for a moment. Not a second of his life did ever look down on Annabeth.

She was a woman. She was smart, brave, and kind. Never, in his life, did he consider her to be weak.

But he knew one thing. They were stronger together.

Stronger when standing back to back together.

Both he and her.

Stronger when they walked along he strawberry fields of Camp Half-Blood, hand in hand.

Stronger when they trudged through Tartarus.

He would fight for Annabeth one last time.

Percy knew it was time.

He didn't care that it would kill him.

Blocking out Tartarus' comments, he calmly walked up to Tartarus until he was face to face with him.

Tartarus' sneers and jabs at Percy had been silenced as Tartarus noticed Percy's advances.

"What are you going to do, young Demigod?" He questioned.

"Kill me with your non-existent powers?"

Slowly, Percy glared at Tartarus, a wolf glare that would make Lupa proud.

"Yes I am," he snarled defiantly, before closing his eyes and concentrating, his brows furled in concentration.

He let the energy flowing through his veins.

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