7: Heather

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Heather's heartbeat had returned to normal, as well as her breathing, but her mind was still in overdrive. The mixture of thoughts and conflicting emotions hurt her mind and body, but all she could do was focus at the light on the ceiling that was reflected by the bedside table's mirror. 

"That was incredible," Victor said, finally getting out of bed. "Every time, it just gets better and better. I don't know how Andrew managed to keep you around, you could get any guy you wanted." 

"Seems like I already do." 

"In that case, I'm glad this is of mutual..." Victor's voice trailed off as he tried to find the right word. "Satisfaction?" 

"It is," Heather replied, "but we can't do this. Not while you're actually living here, at least. It's too dangerous." 

"You also thought it was dangerous when we first gave in to each other," Victor replied, "but it didn't stop you from screaming my name that night." 

"Victor, don't be crass," she scolded. 

"Why not? I thought you liked an arrogant alpha male to talk to you like a piece of meat." 

"Maybe in the heat of passion, but not now." The conversation's tone made Heather uneasy about lying naked in bed, and decided to get up and put on her bathrobe. "Besides, Andrew's more likely to come home at random times of the day, and that's without even considering Sebastian." 

"Hey, if you prefer quickies instead, I'm all for that," Victor chuckled, dismissing the concerned tone now in Heather's voice. "I'm able to go fast or slow, but I can really be selfish and just focus on myself if you like." 

"Just, stop." 

"Okay, fine," Victor replied, knowing his humor wasn't helping. "I'll wait for your signal when you wanna play again. If our past record is anything to go by, you'll be purring like a kitten soon enough. Thanks again for the workout, doll. Lemme know when you want another training session." 

With that, Victor walked out of her bedroom, leaving her alone and now furious at herself. She didn't feel ashamed - that reaction stopped happening after the tenth time - but this was now far too close to home, literally. 

Almost as if the gods had decided to prove a point, just then, Heather heard the front door open and close. 

"Honey, I'm home!" 

Heather's heart started to beat hard within her chest again. 

"Hi! Up here! I'm just going for a shower!" 

"Okay," Andrew replied, oblivious to what he had missed. "I'm gonna make a sandwich anyway. Coffee?" 


Relieved for just a moment, Heather walked briskly into the en-suite bathroom, closed and locked its door, and turned on the shower. Either way, she needed one, but she knew it wouldn't completely wash away what had happened from ever taking place. Instead, the shower only gave her time to cleanse her skin, as her mind calmed somewhat while she focused on washing her hair. When she was finished upstairs, she walked down to find Andrew sitting at the breakfast bar with his father, who, in contrast, hadn't showered. 

"Hey babe," Andrew chimed. "Good afternoon?" 

"Yeah, not bad. Did some work here, and then I went for a run, hence the shower." 

"You're picking up Dad's qualities; he's just finished a workout." 

"Is that so," Heather replied, looking at Victor. "But you didn't go to the gym today." 

"I just did a home workout," Victor replied in a smooth, calm tone. "Bodyweight. Good cardio. Bound to work up a good sweat." 

"I can see that," Heather added, almost revealing her annoyance at his arrogance. 

"Well, you're both putting me to shame," Andrew said. "The most exercise I've done today was walking to Starbucks and back. Just as well I'm not wearing one of those fitness trackers!" 

"I forgot to wear mine earlier," said Victor, looking at Heather. "I reckon I burned a pile of calories already today. What about you, doll?" 

Heather's buttons were being pushed by Victor, and it was no longer in a good way. 

"Probably, but I lost mine ages ago." 

"Pity. That was a gift too, if I recall." 

"From you, yes. Don't worry about it; it's a little old, by now." 

"It can still do the job pretty well, though," Victor quipped. "Sometimes, the older models are more durable." 

Heather hated it when she felt out-witted, and Victor always seemed to win in wit. It was one of the things she found irresistable about him, and the most infuriating. 

Andrew, however, was just happy to eat his sandwich. 

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