Chapter 62

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Ayesha's POV

After throwing me on the bed, he started removing his shirt and soon became shirtless.

I tried to get up but then he pushed me harshly on the bed because of which I once again landed on the bed.

He placed both of my hands over my head. He held both of my wrists with the help of his one single hand.

He came more closer to me and started kissing and biting on my neck.

" Neil, stop ! " I shouted but then he continued his torture.

He bit a spot on my neck too harshly and started sucking it. I winced because of the pain after which he licked the area.

His kisses moved from my neck to the valley between my breasts. I tried to kick him on his jwels but then he was alert enough.

He held my legs in its place and then spanked me.

" Neil... Stop all this nonsense. I am telling I will kill you once you set me free. My Dadda... He will definitely make you face the worst if you still continue. " I threatened him.

He looked at me for a second before saying,

" I don't care about any fucking man on this Earth. You know why ? Because I am still your husband. I have all the rights on this Earth to have sex with you. " He said in a dark tone.

" You... " I was interrupted by his sudden attack on my lips.

He devoured my mouth like a hungry beast. I whimpered him to stop but he didn't.

My eyes widened as I felt my leggings going down. This beast was removing it with his free hand. I struggled but then it was of no use.

Soon he threw my leggings on the floor as tears made their way down to my cheeks.

" Stop it... Stop it Neil, please. " I begged.

" No ! This is what I had always wanted. " He said and tightened his grip on my wrist.

He started caressing my inner thighs. His eyes were darkened with lust. He placed soft sloppy kisses on my inner thighs.

I closed my eyes feeling disgusted with his touch.

Wasn't I a fool to ever fall in love with this man ?

I shivered as I felt his hand brushing past my womanhood. He came near to my face and looked into my eyes for few seconds.

I begged him to stop with my eyes. I don't know why but for a second I felt as if he would stop this right here. But then I was wrong !

He ripped off my top the very next second. I screamed and tried to hit him with my head but then he backed away still not leaving my wrists.

He looked at me with an unknown passion in his eyes.

Those eyes which I used to admire the most once were now scaring me like anything.

I closed my eyes feeling exposed. He grabbed one of my bosoms and squeezed it hard. I cried out in disgust as well as in pain.

He kissed the exposed area over my breast and started nibbling it. It will definitely leave a hickey there.

After few minutes of his torture, his hands went to straps of my bra. I opened up my eyes thinking about the possibilities.

" Please... Don't. " I yelped.

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