The Girl in the Tower Chap 5

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The Girl in the Tower Ch. 5: Flashes of Providence

By SpookyMulder Pt. 1: Coming of Age

Sara dropped onto the bed. "I wanted to stay in a nice hotel, but Severus wouldn't hear of it."

Harry smiled. "I don't care where we stay."

"I feel the same way, Harry. It doesn't matter."

Harry lowered his eyes and studied the bed cover. "Besides, the Leaky Cauldron is good enough. And the rooms are cheap. I doubt I could afford to pay even a fourth of what a Muggle hotel would want. Especially a fancy one. Ron, either."

"We have plenty of money at our disposal."

"But it's your parents’ money. You should save it. I've got plenty of wizard gold myself, you know."

Sara laughed. "I've got more money than I could ever spend, so it looks like I'm going to need some help. After all, Hermione and I can only wear so many new clothes."

"Hermione! She let you buy her things?"

"Not at first. In fact, she said the same thing you did. She didn't give in until I explained that I hated the money, especially the life insurance, and it only brings me pleasure when I share it with the people I love, the way my Mom and Dad did. It's what money's for, Harry. Bringing happiness and comfort. It's what my father always said about it."

Harry understood her feelings about her parents' life insurance, remembering how he'd given away a thousand Galleons for winning the TriWizard Cup, which he'd only gotten because Cedric Diggory, who was to be co-champion, had been murdered. He also recalled his frustration when no one would take it from him and his relief when Fred and George finally did. Harry took her hand and softened his words. "Don't forget security. You'll be old someday, Sara. One-hundred and twenty according to Dumbledore. You have to be careful."

"Have I mentioned that my father was an investment broker on Wall Street? He didn't just work in an office, Harry. He owned it. There’s a fortune at my disposal. Enough to satisfy our every whim, within reason, and still be sizable."

"But where did he get it all? Surely not just the stock market?"

"Remember when I read your palm?"

"Of course."

"Gypsies, as you know, are historically great fortune tellers, seers of the future. While we no longer wander the earth in caravans, the blood is still strong. My father was in a profession where prediction is everything. He had an ‘in,’ you might say."

"All right, then. You have money. But Sara, I can't have my girlfriend support me. It's wrong. I'll make my own fortune, and I'll build you a house. A big house, on the ocean. And I'll put all kinds of spells on it so that no one can ever hurt you while you're there."

"What will it look like?"

Harry’s smile grew. "It will be made of stone, like Hogwarts, so it will stand for many years. And inside there'll be lots of rooms for you to wander, none of them empty. There will be hidden passages and vast, underground rooms where we’ll hide all our secret treasures."

"Will there be windows in this grand palace?"

"Lots of them! Some so big you can sleep on the sill."

"Hmmm. And flowers?"


She laughed and threw her arms around his neck, causing him to fall flat on his back. "I think I'll take it, Mr. Potter."

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