'OH N O'

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'oh my goodness, he's adorable.'

Darryl looked at his screen, then wanted to end the event (stream) but then realised there was an option which was 'stop broadcasting'.
"OH NO" Darryl screamed out in realisation.
He realised Zak must have clicked start broadcasting when he was yelling at him.
"OH MY F- bleep -ING GOODNESS" Darryl screamed out before immediately clicking 'stop broadcasting' and then 'end event'.
He then checked the chat, it was spamming of Skephalo, again.
Darryl then ran to Zak's room and then knocked on the door in panic, anger, and embarrassment.
It was locked.
He then listened through the door.

'oh my goodness, he's adorable.'

Darryl was filled with embarrassment.
"Z-ZAAAAK? C-COULD YOU OPEN THE DOOR??..." He nervously asked.
Zak unlocked the door, opened them and then looked up at Darryl.

"Yeeeeees?~" He said smirking.
Darryl nervously rubbed the back of his head and nervously laughed.
"Eheheheh.. D-don't take w-what I said seriously A-alright?"
"I-i wasn't s-serious." He said to the smaller boy.
"Y-you weren't?" Zak said, sadly, of course, faked.
Darryl twitched at Zak's sad tone.
"Wait!- I-i..." He said before getting cut off by the door slamming.

Zak quietly laughed to himself before doing fake cries. "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" (Waluigi lmao)

Darryl tried opening the door, but didn't manage to.

"Z-Zak open the d-door!" Darryl said, clearly worried to his bone.
Zak continued fake crying and just stayed leaned over the door.

Darryl didn't want to hurt him by opening the door forcibly.

So after a while, Darryl gave up and went to his room, very ashamed of what 'he's done'.

After a while of Darryl being in his room sitting on his bed staring at the ground.

Zak then slightly opened the door and peeked out.
So then he closed it and quietly started laughing.

So then he closed it and quietly started laughing

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Then his laughing became louder.

Then his laughing became louder

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And louder.
At this point he was crying from laughing.
Surely loud enough so Darryl heard it.

Darryl realised he got bamboozled.

Darryl walked over to Zak's room and peeked his head in.
Zak seemed like he wasn't able to breathe.

"ZAK YOU LITTLE!" Darryl yelled out.
"oH my GOd!" Zak said trying to breathe.

"G-gEt oUt!" Zak screeched out.



They eventually made up, Darryl was still angry but he was calmer now.
Zak thought he was gonna get locked up in his room, Darryl didn't do it though, so Zak thought he was just joking.

A few days later of normal days, Zak sometimes snuck into Darryl's room to sleep in his bed.
Darryl was streaming again.
Zak was with him as well, he brought his chair into Darryl's room.

The decided of playing truth or dare again, but this time they kicked anyone who wrote anything that was linked to kissing or touching, basically anything Darryl wouldn't want to do.

It was a normal game of truth or dare, that also included people daring them to kiss, or something else, like most of the people playing truth or dare dare people to do.

Zak still didn't think that if he did anything that would make Darryl mad that he would lock him in his room, he turned his chair to Darryl and looked at him with a weirdly lusty look.

"What are you planning again Zak?" Darryl asked, rolling his eyes.
"You know you can't do anything to make me mad because... You know." He said and then turned his chair to face Zak.


'Cause you would lock him in his room'

Darryl looked at the screen then back at Zak. "Exactly."
Zak still wasn't convinced.
So he started leaning forward and started getting closer to Darryl.
"Oooh no, if you do anything I won't let you in my room aga-!" He got cut off by a kiss.
Not just a peck, a kiss and when I say kiss, I really mean a kiss.

Not just a peck, a kiss and when I say kiss, I really mean a kiss

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Darryl just melted into the kiss.

It lasted about twenty seconds.

Zak then pulled away and Darryl was left speechless, Zak never kissed like that.

"Seems like you enjoyed it." Zak said.
"T-t-t-that's it you B-BAKA, go to y-yo-our room!" Darryl squeaked out, kicking Zak's chair backwards.

"Wait no don't actually lock me in my room!" Zak went from a smirk to a scared face really quickly.
"T-too bad!" Darryl squeaked out before getting up from his chair and pointing to the door.


After a while of Darryl trying to lock Zak in his room, he eventually calmed down from the kiss and almost locked him in his room.

Zak was screaming at the top of his lungs for Darryl to let him out.

"YOU SAID THAT LAST TIME!" Darryl replied with.

Darryl was about to lock the door but then.
Ring ring•

Darryl looked at Zak. "You're safe."
Then he whispered "for now".
Darryl went to the door, Zak walked behind Darryl and peeked over his shoulder.
Darryl opened the door.

A few voices said something along the lines 'hey', 'hi' , 'greetings' and other.

"What are YOU guys doing here?!" Darryl said-yelled in surprise.
"Oh hai!" Zak said, trying not to laugh knowing Darryl can't lock him in his room now.

Ha you thought it was gonna continue didn't you?

I'm so sorry my lovelies and pretties

Hope you enjoy this not so good chapter ;w;

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