Chapter 13: Now

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September 2013
"Pass me the bowl please" Minal handed her over the bowl she required and she poured the special Cous cous salad which Halima requested for her to make into it.

Tijjani and Halima were organizing a close Family BBQ lunch to celebrate Halima's Baby Shower and also reveal the gender of the Baby.

"Okay I am done here, Just help me pack up while I get ready. Amina will take care of the dishes" Hayaat left and went to her room to get ready.

She contemplated on what to wear and came to a decision to wear the gown Hamma gifted her on her last birthday.

It was a black fitted gown with puffy sleeves and it complemented her complexion. She did her makeup and took her handbag and went downstairs to her parlor to see Hamma.

Her eyes could not leave his and they stood with her on the stairs staring at each other. He was wearing the same gift she gave him before their wedding, A light blue Jeans with Black Shirt.

Minal cleared her throat behind them cutting off their staring contest "Hamma Tj is asking if you people will not grace his event because we're already late".

She chuckled as Hayaat almost missed a step and he rushed to hold her hand. Forgetting About Minal's presence, She held on to his shoulders while his hands supported her back.

And there, He realizes how much he missed her. She was in his arms yet so far from his touch.

"Ehrm Ehrm, I am still here" Hayaat glared at her as they let go of each other and she adjusted her dress before they went down.

Hamma left with his first wife in his car while left with Minal in her car. Most of their siblings were already there and so were some of their close friends and Halima's side of the family too.

The Front of the house was filled and decorated with chairs and tables and everyone had to park outside.

"Mummy to be" Halima hugged her with her belly getting in the way "Where is the Daddy to be?" Halima pointed to where Tijjani was standing with Ahmad and she left Her talking with Minal and went to meet them.

"Where is the duffer" Ahmad sneered and Hayaat smiles saying he must be around. Ahmad was still not calm with how his sister was treated.

Fadil, Aliyu and Abubakar joined them and Ahmad excused himself and Hayaat knew it was because of his presence.

Hayaat smiles at the Four of them and left the men to talk while she goes to socialize with people.

His gaze was on her as she walked away and Tj punched him "Dude, Get a grip. We know it's Halal but that's too much" The others laughed and he fumed grunting how someone can't even look at a direction without them accusing him of staring at Hayaat.

After everyone has ate and socialized, Tj announced  that he will be revealing the gender in style because Both Him And Halima do not know of the gender.

"So Let's give a hand as my sister and also Halima's best friend whom is the only person aware do the honors" Hayaat smiles and heads over holding two party smokes in her hands and led Tj and Halima to the table where there is a two tier cake.

"So I am gonna count to three and you both should slice the cake" Everyone in the crowd counted and The party smokes started coming out in a light pink and the other one in a darker shade.

Everyone started yelling it's a girl but was surprised when Halima cuts the cake and it has a light shade of pink and a dark shade.

"Twin girls" Hayaat announces and Halima turned around in tears and engulfed her husband. Tijjani bent down and kissed her making the crowd go aww.

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