33 - Ominous Feelings

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The Narrator

The children were shocked when they heard Kirt announce that Sergio, Gallagher, and Seagale were dead. They couldn't believe what they heard. Looking around at his classmate's faces, Kirt could see their unbelief in their eyes. "This is what the newspaper says, guys," Kirt said. He then explained, "The article says that when a woodcutter was returning home after cutting wood near a village called Incasisi, he encountered a mass of metal covered by mud brought down by a landslide. When that mass of metal was removed, they discovered that there were three bodies inside that ball of metal. After they took the bodies outside, they discovered that there was an ID card on one of the bodies. The ID card was damaged in such a way that the only thing legible on it is the photograph and the photograph is here." Kirt pointed to the photograph that was included in the newspaper article as he showed everyone the article and the front page of the passport. They could recognize Mr. Gallagher's face from the picture on the article and the front page of the passport. They couldn't believe their eyes. Kirt then added, "Also, a number plate was discovered amid the debris. That number is Sergio's jeep's number."

"So it could only mean..." began Alice.

"Sergio, Seagale, and Gallagher died in the accident," completed Timothy.

AnnSophia was stunned by everything that had transpired.

"How did you find this passport? And the newspaper?" Kirt asked Shifaly.

Shifaly said, "So my classmates and I stayed in the same hotel that you guys stayed in after you guys left. There, in my room, I discovered this passport. I was curious about who the owner of the passport was and I took the passport with me when my school took us to Northern Bolivia. As for the newspaper, I found it on the day before I...".

Shifaly began sweating and thoughts of Avanthi flashed before her eyes. Her head began aching.

"Guys, I think now's not the time to ask her anymore," AnnSophia said.

Shifaly looked visually disturbed, in deep thought.

"It's okay, Shifaly. Look we are not blaming you for anything," said AnnSophia as she stroked Shifaly's hand.

AnnSophia looked at us and then escorted Shifaly back to the bus.

"Did I ask anything wrong?" asked Kirt as she stood surprised by Shifaly's reaction.

"I think you made her think about a thought which triggered her panic attack," said Hernanda.

"It's not your fault," said Alice assuring a worried Kirt that he didn't do anything wrong.

"I just don't understand how she got the passport and then the newspaper and then end up here," said Timothy puzzled.

"A strange twist of fate," commented Hernanda as she stared into the fire.


4:10 a.m. The Next Day

Sanchez Roderigo had to work without depending on the big screen which fell and broke on the day of the earthquake. The computer screens that showed data about the dam began showing weird numbers. It was unusual. The dam looked fine when he looked at its structure, but the numbers on the computers looked odd.

The dam officials who worked in the tunnel couldn't believe that the dam stood the earthquake that occurred a few days ago. It was supposed to fall. They were still unsure of the safety of working there. Yet, they continued to work on the insistence of their superiors.

After the earthquake, the Sri Lankan and the Bolivian children were moved to some of the empty houses in a row of houses that were built on the former river bed of La Princesa Irene, near the dam. If the children looked from the windows in the houses where they were staying, they could see the tall, gateless embankment. Mr. Seneviratne was very worried about Shifaly, Avanthi, Basura, Agash, and Malindu who were missing for more than five days.


Felipe looked out of his window and saw the trees outside his apartment. His thoughts were revolving around the 48 cases that he needs to follow up on. The new day would bring with it new challenges. The earthquake and the floods following the collapse of La Madre De Princesa Irene have made the Police, the Army, and the Firebrigade fully active in the country.


7:30 a.m.

"How is Shifaly feeling?" Kirt asked AnnSophia.

"She's fine," said AnnSophia, before going to Rhett.

AnnSophia allowed the others to go upstairs, so Kirt went upstairs to the girls' capsule. When he went to the girl's deck, he saw Shifaly lie in her bed, thinking.

Feeling bad for whatever trauma she must have gone through, he sighed as he took a chair and sat by her side.

She looked at him.

He smiled at her.

She smiled back.

Kirt just sat by her bed for an hour, silently. He didn't ask her anything or say anything.

Before he left just said, "Hope you get well, Shifaly."

"Thanks, Kirt," she said with a smile.

"Kirt?" she called before Kirt was able to go downstairs where AnnSophia was.

"Yes, Shifaly?" Kirt answered.

"I think it's right to tell you what happened with your teacher and the passport," said Shifaly in a weak voice.

She called Kirt to sit by her bed. Kirt went back to the chair on which he sat.

Shifaly seemed to have some confidence in Kirt. Shifaly told him everything that happened from the Passport till the time she got onto that boat. She told him about Basura and Avanthi. When she told Kirt, she didn't feel afraid or go into a panic attack. She was able to narrate whatever happened, while Kirt listened intently.

When she was done, she said, "I don't know why, but I felt like I could trust you. That's why I told you what happened. You can tell all your friends about what happened."

"Thanks for trusting me," Kirt said with a smile as he clutched her hand.

When Kirt went downstairs, he told everyone about what Shifaly told him: about how Shifaly got the injuries; how Shifaly got the passport; and, how Shifaly got the newspaper.

When he told them these things, they felt bad for Shifaly who went through a lot, especially after what happened with Avanthi.


8:30 a.m

The skies have turned cloudy in Northern Bolivia where the dam La Abuela De Princesa Irene was. Sanchez Roderigo was stressed. He had an ominous feeling that something wrong was going to happen that day.


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