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The Joker, in his full glory, walked around Gotham, the decorative cane in his hands tapped on the ground as he waited. The man started to hum a familiar tune, one that he had created in his head; The Killing Joke. As his schemes usually ended in multiple dead. The song was a theme he created in his deranged mind, a soundtrack to accompany his evil deeds.

The Joker, had a love-hate relationship with Gotham. He loved and hated the place, it tried to belittle him but it also empowered him. His jokes made headlines and the police chased him, but the underside of Gotham loved him. The pesky Bat didn't, but all good things come with something bad.

"The killing joke, the killing joke. The jester takes his cane and pokes" The Joker sang out of tune. The Joker tapped the tattooed watch on his wrist as he sang even louder, borderline screaming. " 1-2-3, and then the Joke Kills".

And in that moment a building burst into flames, his bomb had exploded. His deranged laughter filled the air as did sirens. Red and blue lights filed onto the streets as the smoke and smell of burning bodies reached him.

"And the Joke Kills, the Joke Kills" he said, Alec heard the slight movement behind him and knew his nicer half had arrived.  "Beautiful night, huh?" He asked the Bat.

"Why must you kill them? They are Innocents" Batman asked, knowing the answer wasn't going to be what he wanted.

"I do what I must to complete the joke. The Joke controls me, and it gives me life all at the same time. The joke must be done or else I feel as empty as you and your bed. That's not a good feeling, now is it?" The jester answered.

"You know nothing about my personal life. And you are coming with me" Batman said, advancing on the jest.

"Not tonight. I have more plans in the grand scheme of things" the Joker replied, as he fired a shot from his diamond bedazzled gun.

As the two wrestled, trying to get the upper hand to no avail. Batman landed a punch and the Jest kneed him. The Joker would get a few good shots in and the Bat would land a few kicks to his rib area. The Joker knew he would never get out of this in hand-to-hand combat. He pulled away and spouted out the first riddle that came to mind.

"What runs and sweats but is never out of shape?" He asked.

"What?" The Bat said in confusion, his hesitation was all the Joker needed to escape.

The Joker hit him in the face with his cane and kicked him in the rib. The Bat tried to recover but he wasn't quick enough, and the Joker dove off the side of the roof, into the car where his chauffer was waiting.

"See you later. HahAHahAHahAHah" the Joker yelled to the Bat as he speed away.

"He's getting away, block the intersection. We are not losing him again" Batman yelled into his phone at the police.

The Joker was dozing off into a wonderfully peaceful sleep,thinking about his next scheme when he suddenly heard sirens surrounding him. The man jumped awake but it was too late, he had been caught.

"Hands in the air. Step out of the vehicle" the sheriff commanded.

"Alright. You've caught me boys, same time tomorrow?" He asked.

"Hell no. You're getting locked up" the sheriff replied.

"I'll just plead insanity. Your can't put me anywhere." The Joker laughed as he stepped out of the car.

"We'll just put your in Arkham then" the sheriff responded.

"Do you really think it's a good idea to put me somewhere in a place full of people who are almost as insane as me? I could create an army pull off my jokes" the Joker responded, getting into the sheriff's head.

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