Chapter 5: Banging

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"Uh Madison," Kayla laughs awkwardly, obviously she is embarrassed. Although, I don't know why.

"Oh please don't even act embarrassed. It's not the first time I walk in on you having sex. Hell you even walked in on me once, though I wasn't actually having sex."

"Maddi you have a visitor," Kayla says, her tone of voice changed into amusement. My eyes shoot open and sit of hastily. I see Zayn leaning against the door way with his leather jacket over his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" I ask blushing like a tomatoe.

"Well I was here to pick you up for dinner. But it seems like instead I am here to listen on about how you two walked in on eachother screwing." He smirks.

"Well I'm leaving," Kayla states and walks out.

"Um, I didn't know you were here," I look down embarrassed.

"I could see that, now get dress so we could leave," he commands.

"Zayn as much I would love to go out with you," I sarcastically says. "I much rather sleep, so goodbye." I lie back down, but keep my eyes open.

"I don't have time for this, you are going out with me. We have some things to discuss."

"That is where you are wrong Zayn. We have nothing to discuss."

"Don't you want to know why you were so loopy Saturday night?" he smirks knowing I do.

"Yes, but that still doesn't make me want to go on a date with you," I roll my eyes.

"It's not a date Toots. I don't do dates, the rest of the lads will be there too plus their birds," he says.

"Birds? Why would they bring their pet birds to dinner?" I look at him like he is nuts.

"Birds is a nickname we British people call girls," he rolls his eyes.

"But we don't resemble birds whatsoever," I says.

"Look I'm not here to discuss British slang, now get up and get dress," he sternly commands. I sigh and get up, I don't see him giving in anytime soon and I want to get the over with. I run my hands through my hair before speaking.

"Okay let's go," I stand next to him.

"You're not dressed." He looks at my outfit.

"Yes I am" I say. I am wearing black and white leggings and a slightly over size sweater.

"Not for the place we are going," He walks over to my closet and opens it.

"Hey you can't go through my clothes!" I protest as he rummages through them.

"Here," he throws me a black dress that Kayla bought me "I'll wait in the lounge."

I take the dress and put it on. It falls right above my knees. It's made completely out of lace, has three quarter sleeves, is very tight, and the back is cut out. It honestly doesn't look half bad, it's just too tight for my liking. I quickly fix my hair and makeup before going to find Zayn.

"Damn Maddi you look hot," Kayla playfully winks at me. Zayn looks up from his phone eyeing me up and down. His facial expression stays the same as it did before I walked in.

"Thanks babe, you too. Maybe we could, you know, later?" I play along. This is how mine and Kayla's friendship works.

"Of course! When you're done with him, you'll know where to find me." She says walking out of the room. "Don't make me wait too long!"

I laugh at her before replying. "Wouldn't dream of it!" I walk next to Zayn. "Ready to go?"

"Yep," he nods.

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