Stuck in the moment.

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Chapter 1: Who I was.

I ran, and ran and ran, as far away as I could get from my parents and my house and everything. I was only eight at this time, and we had just moved to Owatonna but I hated it and I’m not even sure why we had to move there. I ran as long as I could until I practically collapsed with exhaustion behind a big oak tree. I sat there breathing hard, as tears streamed down my face. It was already fall, the air was clear, crisp, and chilly. I had nothing but a t-shirt on and my curly blonde hair pulled into a pony-tail. The grass was hard and fading in color. The leave were brown and falling. I pulled my knees up my chest, put my head down and let the tears pour down. When I looked up again I realized that there was a boy sitting next to me. He was looking over at me curiously, but when I looked up he blushed and looked away. I shivered violently, and he took off his brown hoodie and nervously offered it to me. I took it, put it on, and just sat there silently with him for a while as the brown leaves fell to the ground all around us.

“Adam time to come in!” Someone yelled, from the house.

The boy got up, sheepishly smiled, and nervously offered me his hand. Hesitantly I took his outreached hand and he pulled me up.

“Come on,” He said softly as he led me into the house and into the kitchen when he quietly explained things to his mom.

“Sweetie what’s your name?” A sweet looking lady with medium brown hair asked me sweetly as I sat in their comfy cozy kitchen.

I was sitting at the kitchen table. I sniffled loudly but said nothing as the boy who must have been her son whispered something in her ear. He had the same naturally medium brown hair with a hint of auburn as his mother, and his completion could be described more as “fair enough” rather than simply “fair” also like his mother. Plus he had the biggest, warmest, brown eyes that I had ever seen. They were the kind of eyes that I felt like I could stare into forever. I was paying so much attention to this boy squirming uncomfortably in his chair that I didn’t even notice anything else around me. He was captivating, ever to an 8 year old. He caught me staring at me, managed a shy smiled at me and looked away. His dad walked into the kitchen and looked at me curiously as I looked at him. His mom turned around from making some hot chocolate.

“Adam found her outside by the big Oak tree all by herself, and we’re having a bit of problems getting her to talk. I think she’s just as shy as our Adam is.” Adam’s mom explained as he blushed and looked down. “She hasn’t even smiled.”

“Oh is this so?” Adam’s dad smiled mischievously. “Well I think I know how to fix that.”

Adam grinned as if he knew what his dad was going to do. Adam’s dad came over next to me kneeled down and started tickling me. I giggled as he continued to tickle me.

“Haha.. no!! no! stop it!” I giggled as I tried to protect my tiny stomach area.

“hmm… Maybe I could… but you’re going to have to pay a price!” Adam’s dad laughed as he still tickled me.

“What’s that?” I laughed hard as my stomach started hurting from my uncontrollable laughter.

I saw Adam watching the whole time suppressing a grin.

“I’m gonna need you to tell me you’re name, and then maybe that little boy over there will talk to you.” He instructed with a big smile on his face and then he lowered his voice “and just maybe he’ll let you keep that jacket he let you borrow.”

I giggled sheepishly.

“It’s Brielle” I managed even though my laughter.

He stopped tickling me.

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