Sparks Will Fly: A Fairy Tale 2

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I walked home grinning, hands in my pocket as I thought about my wonderful date with Dan. We had continued talking about our interests and laughing for another hour before I remembered I should be getting home. He had then invited me to a bonfire on the beach tomorrow at six. I, of course, said yes and we had exchanged numbers. And I found out his last name, it's Dan Ignis. It's a little unusual but being unusual is sexy. Well at least thats what my eccentric roommate Rhonda always says. Then again she thinks that bathing in milk is sexy. I just thinks it's gross and expensive.

I walked into my apartment complex, waving to my neighbor Harry. Harry's an eighty year old man who likes to listen to big band music but is always so sweet. I hurried up the stairs to my apartment, nearly slipping on some ice, and unlocked the door with shaky fingers. I decided I would get some gloves tomorrow and a decent coat. With fur. And a heater. I walked in and saw Rhonda and Alaine doing yoga in the small living room.

"Hey Melanie, would you like to join us in redirecting our chi?" Rhonda asked. I looked over to Alaine who rolled her eyes and a "just go with it" expression.

"Tempting, but first I need to take a hot shower and find all the blankets in the house in order to defrost myself." Rhonda gave me a sympathetic look.

"Poor baby, it's too cold outside." I scooted around the room, trying to avoid their stretched out limbs that were bending into the air. I didn't know how anyone could be that flexible, but Rhonda had been doing it for years and Alaine is a gymnast which leaves me the only uncoordinated one. i ran down the hall and into the bathroom where I stripped off my frozen clothes and stepped into the steamy shower.

My muscles immediately relaxed and I sighed at the warmth. Being warm was one of the best things in the world. Why I moved to such A cold town I have no idea. But I did have a good job at the library and an okay apartment with my friends. I was saving up for college and had been for a year. I didn't want to have to a work while in college so I was steadily saving enough money to get me through the first years.

I stood in the shower for five more minutes, just enjoying the hot water running down my back. I figured I had about a minute before the hot water ran out so I quickly finished my showering routine and jumped out just as it started to cool down. I huddled into my towel and skipped down the hall into my bathroom where I pulled on thermal, tights, sweats, a sweater, then another sweatshirt over that for good measure.

After pulling on some thick wool socks I padded down to the kitchen where my friends sat drinking hot chocolate.

"Oh! Gimmee Gimmee!" I squealed once I saw it. Alaine laughed and passed me the pot while I pulled down my favorite mug that was shaped like tweedy bird. I poured it in adding some cream and a dash of cinnamon for flavor; then greedily gulping most of it down.

"Careful you're going to burn your tongue." Rhonda warned. I shook my head.

"I've never burned my tongue, or actually anything." Alaine cocked one eyebrow.

"Really?" I nodded, sipping some more chocolate.

"So guess what happened to me today." I said making a suggestive expression.

"You found a store that sells heated socks?" Rhonda suggested. Alaine snickered.

"No. I met a guy and he's very attractive." I answered adding a little accent to the attractive. Rhonda giggled.

"How? There are no hot guys in all of Litton, how did you find him." Alaine said enviously.

"Just on the corner, he said I looked cold so offered to buy me some hot chocolate. And then we just started talking and...." I shrugged.

"You are so lucky; you get all the hot guys. Seriously, every guy you meet falls in love with you."

"I bet that's written on your palm." Rhonda exclaimed, reaching for my hand. she love's trying to read peoples palms and tea leaves. I let her have it though.

"Haven't you already read my palm, like a million times?" I asked. She tisked at me.

"I must study your heart line, silence." I rolled my eyes. She traced my palms with her finger.

"Yes," she said eerily," you must be careful with love, you fall into way too easily."

"I could have said that." Alaine muttered into her mug. I pulled my hand away, glaring at Alaine jokingly.

"Well getting back to the point, he invited me to a bonfire tomorrow on the beach."

"Maybe you should ask him if you can invite some friends. You know, in case he has a brother." Alaine suggested innocently. Rhonda nodded in agreement.

"Maybe next time, but I hardly know him right now. I have to get to know him a little better before I start asking him for favors."

"Umm, excuse me; you'd be doing him a favor by inviting us." I laughed.

"Next time" I promised. She sighed dramatically.

"I guess. So what are you going to wear?" She said with a sly look. I smiled knowing I was forgiven and jumped into a detailed description/ debate about my outfit. We spent the next hour laughing and chatting and then discussing the pro's and con's of different shoes until we knew exactly what I was wearing. We all headed into our rooms

I collapsed onto bed, reflecting on my day and thinking how I very much did not want to go to my shift tomorrow. I would much rather spend it lying in my mucho comfortable bed. I crawled under my comforter and wiggled around till I found the most comfy position. And with that I fell asleep, the last thing I saw was little red sparks floating around on my ceiling.

I woke up with a bad taste in my mouth and my fiery hair sticking in every direction. I looked over at my alarm clock to check the time. It was only six which meant I had an hour and a half before I was supposed to be at work. I normally would have gone straight back to bed but I was awake now, so I rolled out of bed and headed for the bathroom I passed Alaine's room and saw her sprawled out onto every corner and I smiled. I quickly brushed my teeth, hair and washed my face.

Tiptoeing into the kitchen, I met Rhonda who was already dressed and eating her special organic cereal.

"Good morning, how'd you sleep?" Rhonda asked impossibly cheery. How she could get up so early every day I had no idea.

"Morning. Pretty well since I can't remember anything." I grabbed the milk and a spoon and poured some lucky charms in to a bowl. I'm pretty sure lucky charms is the best food ever created. Rhonda finished up her bowl and set it in the sink.

"Kay, I'm going to meditate so tell Alaine when she gets, if she ever will, to be quiet."

"What is the point in meditating? I just don't see the how sitting and breathing is productive." She huffed and gave me a "duh" look.

"It helps you calm yourself and become one with the world."

"Oh, of course." I said sarcastically. Dipping my bowl so I could drink the milk. If Alaine was awake she would say I was being disgusting but I think it's the best part. The milk is all flavored and yummy and delicious. I scraped the chair back on the cold tile floor and set it in the dishwasher.

I know had about an hour of time to kill. I drummed my fingers on the counter trying to think of what to do. I could read or draw. But I wasn't in a sitting mood. I decided I would go for a walk, getting some fresh air would do me good. So, after bundling up in my boots and sweaters and throwing over a coat and scarf, I wrote a note on the counter to let them know where I was and headed out into the world.

I walked out of my complex enjoying the exercise. I walked along the sidewalk looking up at a bird. Suddenly I jerked back falling. I had just enough time to yell crap when someone caught my arm and lifted me up.

"Thanks, I must have slipped on some ice or something." I said, grateful for not slipping and probably splitting my head open. I looked up at my rescuer and screamed. The man who had helped me was smiling down at me, his arms covered in fire.

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