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Present Day

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Present Day

Yes, we'll have it here, she thought.

In the middle of a cold winter night, a sparkling white light formed at the center of Rome's most notorious landmark.

A Goddess walked out of said light with ease. Her hour-glass figure swayed from left to right as a luminous white portal twirled, hissed, and then vanished behind her. Next, she pulled out a red tube, slid it across her lips, and then, without giving it a thought,  tossed it behind her shoulder. A second later, it disappeared before hitting the ground.

Venus laughed at how much power she possessed, however, it was what she did next that shocked her most trusted allies.

Venus waved her slender hands and recited a few words until an ancient parchment appeared. A list of all the God's names materialized on the document. She looked over it once, smiled, then threw the summoning parchment up in the air.

As the parchment traveled through a cloudy night sky, Venus reached behind her back, pulled out an invisible bow, steadied her aim, and released a crimson-red arrow. A loud boom echoed across Rome as the arrow pierced the ancient parchment, creating luminous red sparks to explode like fireworks once it reached the stars.

Venus' eyes twinkled while the corners of her lips twisted into a devious smile. "Now, where are they..." she grumbled, inspecting the darkest corners of the Colosseum.

Her impatience grew as she waited for the other Gods to appear.

"Okay, lipstick—check. Weapons—double-check. Waiting for these fools to get here..."

She walked a few paces and marveled at an ancient ruin, revered in its day. It was, as some would say, the height of theater glory. However, rage boiled inside as she trampled over cracked stones now laid by her feet.

"What a waste..." she trailed off.

Suddenly, a burst of energy whooshed through her long wavy hair. Her eyes narrowed when a sharp object pierced her lower back. Venus paused, raised her hands, and then rolled her eyes.

"Mars..." she whispered, tilting her head. "Is that a sword or are you happy to see me?"

"Why have you summoned me?" demanded Mars, emphasizing every syllable. He slid his sword from around her back to the front of her navel; Careful not to slice her sultry red outfit. He finally gazed at her lustful eyes and grinned.

"I summoned you all," she snapped. "And I suggest you withdraw your sword before I stab you with it."

Mars blinked twice, adjusting his three-piece suit-and-tie. "Feisty, I like it."

"Enough with the antics," howled Diana. "Venus, why are we here?" The Moon Goddess' silvery mist, descended on the ground. Her silver dress cradled her voluptuous curves as she watched two of her peers adore each other—in utter disgust.

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