Imagine: Kissing Jungwoo

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• he's baby
• deal with it

First Kiss:
• Jungwoo would be a little shy boi at first
• especially if y'all weren't even dating and it was a crush type of thing
• I feel like the first kiss would be very random and very surprising to both you and him
• you two weren't dating, but it wasn't a secret that you lowlowlowkey liked each other and were kind of flirty
• but he was shy and awkward (and so were you let's not lie) so you two weren't really sure if the other felt the same
• but you were still friends and hung out a lot!
• so you were just chatting one day and hanging out with him and probably a few other members
• somehow the two of you ended up alone; the few other members probably left to go somewhere
• but either way you were still talking and things were normal
• you started telling a story and he was looking at you but not really in the eyes he was just kind of admiring your face and just thinking about how much he likes it
• when boom in the middle of telling your story you get cut off by him kissing you
• you didn't mind though and you kissed him back
• but it didn't last super long though because like I said it even surprised him
• so he pulled away and was like "omg I'm so sorry I don't where that came from." And he was freaking out and might of almost started stress crying it's fine-
• but you would reassure him that it was okay! And to make him feel better you might even just blurt out that you like him right then and there
• just uwu

Kissing Now:
• he would gain more confidence in kissing you pretty quickly once he knew that you felt the same about him
• he loves kisses
• he just loves all of it
• from random little pecks on your cheeks to full on making out in the sheets (omg I'm a rapper someone call Markly he finna be jobless-)
• he just loves being intimate and kissing is a great way to show that
• he does not care if other people are around if baby wants a kiss he'll get a kiss-
• his lips are almost as soft as he is
• he smiles/chuckles a l o t while kissing
• his lips always taste sweet either from all the sweet snacks he eats or from a sweet flavored chapstick. Either way he tastes nice
• the boy is kind of full of surprises and he can do some really d e e p kissing
• like he's so uwu but that doesn't stop him from slipping his tongue into your mouth and just taking things to the next level pretty quickly
• but he's still baby so-

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