chapter 9: munster cheese

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fugo time:
"where the hell am i??" fugo asked himself as he wandered around this mysterious place with no end. there was carpeted floors, mono yellow walls, the buzz from florecent lights. pannacotta fugo was lost...

iN THE BACKROOMS!!!!!!!!!"i, fugo worm from the sleeping slaves episode when a virgin crushed my car, will now metamorphosize into fugo butterfly in order to escape the backrooms!!" fugo worm said performing photosynthesis in order to turn into fu...

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...iN THE BACKROOMS!!!!!!!!!
"i, fugo worm from the sleeping slaves episode when a virgin crushed my car, will now metamorphosize into fugo butterfly in order to escape the backrooms!!" fugo worm said performing photosynthesis in order to turn into fugo butterfly. and then he did. "boom metamorphosis complete. i am now fugo butterfly." fugo said and flew away from the backrooms, however, fugo boy could not escape the backrooms because no one can escape the backrooms.

not fugo time:
"ok guys i have something to tell u." trish chan said. "what is it trish?" bruno asked. "i remember that my dad, the bossu, took a picture of my mom in sardinia in june 15 years ago." trish said. "dI MOLTO ahem i mean very good we can use abbacchio's 『Y O U T U B E  R E W I N D』to figure out the boss's identity!!" giorno said. "yAY TRISH CHAN." narancia said happy. "feed me meeeeeesta 👁👄👁." number 4 i mean 6 said. "im fucking hungry." number 3 said. "shut the fuck up number 3." number 1 said. "stop arguing or im gonna cum." number 5 said. "shut up number 5 u virgin." number 3 said. "stop fucking arguing or ur gonna starve." mista said to his stando. "no u." number 3 said. "dont u back talk me number 3." mista said. "if u dont feed me im gonna punch number 5 in the face." number 3 said. "dont u dare number 3 you little shit." mista said. "do it pussy." number 7. "dont egg him on number 7." number 2 said. then number 3 punched number 5. "number 3 you fucking idiot." mista said. "how about we stop at this restaurant here??" bruno said. "yes please my stand is starting world war III." mista said. "ok guys let's stop here and get some food." bruno said. "good im hunrgy." giorno said. then they pulled over the baot and went to the ristorante italiano. they need to make an italian hand thing emoji please i beg you apple make an italian hand thing emoji so i can ironically spam it

(guys its 4:44pm when im writing this hoollyshit)
"hey guys u know those storm clouds right??" mista said. "u better not make some shocking revelation again." narancia said. "which storm clouds??" giorno asked. "the cumulonimbus ones." mista responded. "oh yeha those big thicc ones. what about them??" giorno said. "ok ok ok remove the ulonimbus from it and u get cum which is spelt like cum hahahaha." mista said. "that's it i cant fucking take it i'm seriously at my limit." narancia said. "hahah good one bro." giorno laughed. "ok u actal foot shut th efuvk up and maybe stop doign drugs." abbacchio said snorting cocaine with macaroni and cheese. "bruh how about u stop doign drsug." mista said snorting cocaine with penne pasta. "yo uguys are fucking crack heads." giorno siad. "nO SWEARING OR IM TAING AWAY UR FOOD AND EATING IT." bruno threatened his favorite child. "ur not even eating ur food." giorno said. "whaaaa- psshht im totally eating my food and im toalyl not dead and alive at the same time pssshhht ur funny giorno giovanna hahahahah." bruno laughed suspiciously.

narancia was still angery at that shitty shockign revelation joke and slammed his wine glass on the table and it spilt on some guy. "oI KID U SPILT WINE ON MY SUPER EXPENSIve SUIT UR GONNA PAY." some random stranger with an expensive suit said. "hUUUHH are U AN ENEMY STAND USeR?!?!?" narancia asked and then he and mista started kicking him. "guys ur fucking stupid." abbacchio said drinking wine. then abbachio joined in on kicking the random italian civilian who has an expensive suit. "hey wait guys i don't think this guy is an enemy stand user." abbacchio said. "why not?" mista asked. "because he blends in." abbacchio said. "ohhhh i see." mista said and they all went back to eating their italian food.

"hey so since abbacchio was promoted to husband does that mean ur gonna have a marriage?" mista asked. "oh my god abbacchio where are we gonna get married???" bruno mars buccaraiti aksed his husband. "hmmmmmmmmm i'll have to think about that one my loving wife." abbacchio said.

then narancia noticed somethign bizare in his soup!! "nani wtf why is there a shrak in my soup????" narancia asked himself. then narancia investigated the shark soup. "guys there isn't anything in my soup." narancia said. "what the fuck tHAT was the oppoSITE of ehat i was suppeosrd to sayy!!!!" narancia thought and paniced a wee bit. "why would u say there isn't a shark in your soup that's so random bro wtf." mista said. "uhh idk bro maybe cuz there isn't a shark in my soup and im totally a pussy for being scared of it." narancia said. "iS tHiS tHe WoRk Of An EnEmY sTaNd?!?!" giorno wondered. "finally someone stupid." narancia said. "fuck i meant stupid." he said again. "shit what the fuck i can totally say what i want to say." narancia said being suspicious af. "ok there's definatly something wrong with our little orange child." bruno said. "who cares he prolly just smoked a lot of drusg." tabbacchio said smoking w33d. then giorno did a big boy thing, "guys everyone check our surroundings cuz theres an enemy stando user!!!!1" giorno said. then narancia went to the bathroom i forget why. "narancia why are u in the bathroom." giorno asked. "idk why am i in the bathroom???" narancia thought as he pissed. "hey abbacchio spell icup." narancia said. "i-c-u-p?? why did u ask me to spell. are u illiterate or something????" he said. "haha eeww u see me pee bro???? haha thats gay." narancia said crying while he peed because he's saying the opposite of what he wants to say. "fuck you giorno." abbacchio said. "how is this my fault u spelt icup???" giorno asked his daddy. "because u exist." abbcchio said and spit on giorno and walked away. then everyone else left the bathroom except giorno and narancia. "get near the water giorno." narancia said. "fuck no i didnt mean this." narancia thought in his head with tiny brain. then he smashed a pole and the bathroom flooded. "why did u tell me to get near the wate-." giorno said and was bitten by the shark that was in narancias soup and it teleported giorno around the resturant.

gay enemy stand user time:
"mmmm m tiz u taste like cheese." squalo said. "mmm m m m m m squalo i love that cherry lipgloss u put on today it matches ur personality~!!" tiziano said. "y'know what really turns me on, squalo???" tiziano asked his boy friendo. "what is it my tiz?" he asked. "you using ur stand 『B A B Y  S H A R K』to bite that little shit narancia i hate him he sucks." tiziano said. "aaaa and it turns me on when u use ur stando 『👁👅👁』to make that little shit narancia suffer and cry." squalo said. "mmmmmhmhmhmhm." tiz laughed and they made out on a roof stalking the bucci gang.

not enemy stand user time:
"guys giorno was not bitten by the shark stando and he did not teleport into an aquarium." narancia said. "the fuck." abbachio said and drank more re🅱️ wine. "ok now he's not in the kitchen and the enemy stand shark is totally not in there either and there is not gas in the kitchen mista shoot it." narancia said. then mista shot at the shark stando and the entire kitchen blew up. "bRUH WTF y did u tell me to shoot the entire kitchen blew the fuck up narancia get some goddamn brain cells or im taking back the half of a brain cell that i share with you." mista said to narancia. "bRUH I MEANT TO say SHOOT IT YES IM NOT HAVING A BRUH MOMENT." narancia said clearly having a Bruh Moment™️.

then narancia went to find the enemy stand user and he had giorno make him another tongue for his super special plan. "im gonna find u bastards." narancia thought out loud in his head because he said what he wanted and not the opposite of it.

"shit suqalo we gotta give this homosexual with the boob window back to the gang now or else this little shit is gonna do something with his stando." tiziano, the top, said. "bRo ok we gotta hide before he finds us." squalo, the bottom, said. then narancia cut off his own tongue. "gAsp!!!!1" both of the enemy stand users gasped in unison. "i found u. hide and seek is over now." narancia said and giornos brooch made him a new tongue and now narancia doesnt have to suffer any more. "bITCH we're random civilians!!!" tiziano said. "no u guys gAsped when i cut out my tongue with one of fugo's forks he left in my left butt cheek and no one else would react the way you did." narancia said. "no no no anybody would react that way if some 12 year old just cut out his own tongue dman girl thats gotta hurt." squalo said. "fuck off. ボラボラボラボラボラボラボラボラボラボラ!!!! volare via 👌👌👌👌." narancia siad and shot the enemy stand users with his stando 『H O T W H E E L S ™️ A I R P L A N E』.

"ok guys im back." narancia said. "let's not go through the canals becuas ethat enmy stand usre made me saythe opposite of what i wanted to say and was a bitch about it." narancia explained. "i see. now let's get out of here alSO NO SWEARING OR IM GONNA H oh wait fugo isn't here anymore so he can't stab u goddamn it." bruno said.

to be contnuide
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