12. I'm In So Deep

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Looking at the raindrops falling against the window as I lay in bed, one hand on my belly, the other under my head, I hear some commotion coming from downstairs and decide to get up and see what's happening.

When I woke up this morning, I realized that Harry and I were missing something.

We hadn't done the one thing that was important, and that was naming our little girl. We hadn't discussed of possible names for her, hadn't even thought about it. And we clearly needed to have a talk about that.

Climbing down the stairs, I notice Martha cleaning, stirring and baking things. Her back is to me, so she doesn't see me immediately, and not wanting to scare her, I call, "Good morning, Martha," a smile on my face.

"Oh, hello, dear," she turns around and grins, before bringing her attention back to what she was doing before. "I made breakfast, help yourself out. Harry went out for a jog, he should be back soon."

As those exact words slip past her lips, the front door opens on a shirtless and sweaty Harry. His earphones are plugged and his phone is in his basketball shorts's pocket.

"Morning, darlings," he greets, offering us a bright smile.

"Hey," I grin back, trying to not let my gaze linger on his amazing, tattooed body for too long.

"Hello, Harry !" Martha says cheerfully. "Did you have a good time ?" she then asks him.

"Yeah, I did. Thank you," he replies, dimples etched on either side of his plump lips as he smiles.

"I made breakfast, and I would love to take it with you both, but I have a few errands to run," Martha annonces as she leaves the kitchen and makes her way to the front door, leaving Harry and I alone.

I'm making coffee when I feel two arms wrap themselves around my waist and a muscled chest being pressed to my back. Harry nestles his head in my neck after peppering my cheek with light kisses.

"Harry !" I laugh. "Get off, you're all sweaty and disgusting," I chuckle some more as I turn around in his arms.

"Fine, but can I get a kiss before ?" he pouts, looking way too adorable for my liking.

I roll my eyes at his childish behavior but still give into him. I peck his lips lightly but Harry doesn't let me go.

"I think you can do better than that," he says, a smirk on his lips, and I roll my eyes again.

"Maybe but that's all you'll get for now," I reply playfully, fully amused by his reaction.

"But, baby," he slumps his shoulders.

"Not buts, go take a shower. Then, maybe I'll give you a real kiss," I propose, grinning like a fool.

I'm in so deep, with this man.

"Fine," he groans loudly and I roll my eyes once again. "Stop rolling your eyes at me !" he laughs, and then pretends to be offended. "It's not funny !"

"They're my eyes, I'll roll them if I want to, thank you very much," I reply, a chuckle escaping my lips.

Harry lets out a deep laugh at my comment before saying. "Okay, I'm off. Wait for me to eat ? I'll be quick." I nod and he walks away, but not before planting a light kiss on my lips.

"Harry !" I laugh.

"What ?" he chuckles back. "Couldn't help myself, your lips are way too kissable," he admits as he climbs up the stairs and disappears in his bedroom.

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