11. I Think I Like You

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IMPORTANT : Instead of writing another chapter to explain what Harry did, I put it in Chapter 10, so if you didn't see, go read it now. Thank you.



"Elleee," Harry groans, "we're gonna be late if you don't hurry up," he stares at me as I apply some light makeup on my face, looking like an impatient kid.

"Yes, sorry. I'm almost done, I promise," I reply glancing glancing back at him in the mirror.

He checks his watch again for what feels like the hundredth time tonight but before he has the chance to whine again, I turn around, pass in front of him to go into my room and I grab my purse as well as a pair of flats, and go down the stairs to wait for him.

"Harry, hurry up, we're gonna be late," I tease as he makes his way down the stairs.

His mouth opens in shock as he mutters, "Did she just ?" he shakes his head at my comment as he meets me in front of the door and takes my hand before leading us to his car.

"I forgot to tell you but, you're beautiful. So fucking beautiful," he smiles, before stopping me and leaning towards me and placing lingering kiss on my temple.

I stare up at him with a small smirk on my lips as I reply,"I would've said the same to you but-". He doesn't let me finish my sentence and not a second later, I find myself squashed between his strong body and his car.

"Choose your words carefully," he advises teasingly, a deathly look in his forest green irises.

"Relax," I say pushing him away. "I was going to say but you're more beautiful than I am."

He rolls his eyes, "Damn right, you were."

"What ?" I ask innocently. "I was going to, but you cut me off," I laugh, and he looks at me suspiciously before his rosy lips break into a stunning grin.

I loved it when Harry and I got along so well, like right now.

Over the past few weeks I realized that soon or later, I was going to fall in love with Harry, I was already starting to fall. Hard. And I decided not to try to stop it, as it was going to happen anyway, so, why would I go and try to delate the inevitable.

"Watchu thinkin' about ?" Harry asks sweetly as he twirls a strand of my hair between his fingers, snapping me out of my thoughts.

"Nothing," I lie, my cheeks getting somewhat redder and I know Harry doesn't believe me but he doesn't ask further questions. "Now let's go," I suggest. "We're late."

"And who's fault is that ?" Harry asks playfully, a knowing look in his eyes as he walks to the driver's side of his car.

"Not mine," I call, a light chuckle escaping my lips, before getting in the car and buckling my sit belt, as Harry does too.

"Yeah, keep telling yourself that," he smiles as he starts the car and gets out of his driveway and leads us to the restaurant he chose for our official first date tonight.


"So," Harry says, deciding to finally break the silence hanging between us. We're holding hands as we walk back to his car to get back home. "How was that for our first date ?" He seems nervous as he asks the question.

I shrug, wanting to tease him a bit. "It was okay, I guess."

Harry's face falls before he looks at me, his eyes in playful slits, realizing I was kidding, making me crack a smile as he chuckles, "You're terrible."

He pushes me softly against his car when we come to a stop next to it and he says in a raspy voice, "I've been dying to kiss you all night."

The low rasp of his voice makes goosebumps arise on my now heated skin and I muster all the courage I need to whisper, "What are you waiting for, then ?"

He doesn't wait another second before crashing his lips onto mine, one of his hands gripping my left hip tightly as he tangles his other hand in my hair.

He bites my bottom lips softly making me gasp and he takes it as an opportunity to slip his tongue in my mouth. I wind my arms around his neck to bring him impossibly closer, our tongues start a blissful dance as we both fight for dominance.

Harry pushes me against the passenger's door of his car a bit harder than before, making me moan.

The kiss is pure bliss, and in Harry's arms I forget about everything. I forget about where we are, about the baby, about all our previous arguments, about everything.

We're forced to pull away after a heated make out session, finally out of breath and remembering where we are.

I look down at my feet, smiling shyly and letting my long hair cover my face.

I've never had anyone kiss me like that. Or more like I did, but never once did it feel like that. Never once did I get butterflies dancing in my stomach or even fireworks exploding in my belly while kissing someone. And the only explanation to that was that I liked Harry. Really liked him.

As the realization hits me, I feel a wide grin break on my lips and warmth spread through my cheeks.

Harry's cold fingers grip my chin gently to get me to look at him, as his other hand tucks the wild strands of hair behind my ears. "What are you thinkin' about ?"

"Nothing," I lie, not wanting to admit what I feel for him.

"No, tell me," he pushes softly, nudging me with his leg, his green irises staring into my soul.

I blush furiously, glancing down, "I think I, uh, I like you," I blurt out quietly, peering up at him discreetly through my lashes.

"You think ?" he smiles, a glint of amusement his emerald eyes.

"Well, I know I do," I admit.

"Yeah ?" he asks and I nod. "Well, that's good, cause I know I like you too," he grins, a dimple on his left cheek and I can't help but poking it with my finger as a smile breaks on my own lips.

I grip Harry's brown locks and bring him closer to me, sealing our mouths together for another blissful kiss.


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