10. Please, Baby, Let Me Explain

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"Harry !" I call loudly, probably startling him as my hand flies to my stomach when I feel the baby move. He comes running through the door, nearly out of breath, eyes wide and mouth parted before replying, "What ? What's going on ? Is there something wrong ?"

I tell him to come sit on my bed before explaining excitingly, "I just felt the baby move."

The brightest smile lightens Harry's face like a Christmas tree and I know in this moment that he's not faking it, and that he truly cares about this baby. And maybe, he wasn't faking it before, maybe.

"Really ?" Harry squeals like a kid, opening his gifts on Christmas. Instead of answering I take his hand and place it under the fabric of my T-shirt as we wait for another kick from the baby. It comes a few seconds later and I swear the small giggle leaving Harry has my insides melting, and it's the cutest thing I've ever heard. "This is amazing," he admits in a whisper.

"It is," I reply equally as quietly.

We end up laying down on my bed, instead of sitting, Harry's hand still on the baby bump and mine on top of his. Every time the baby would kick, or move I could hear Harry gasping next to me, which would always manage to make me laugh.

After a few minutes of silence, Harry breaks it, "Hey, Ella," he calls quietly to gain my attention. I hum in response and he asks, "Are you happy ?"

His question startles me but I reply immediately and truthfully, as I don't have to think about it, "Yeah. I am," I smile at him. "Are you ?" I ask back.

"I'm happier than ever," he grins before leaning towards me and placing an affectionate kiss on my forehead.


Later in the week, as I walk to go to a baby store, my heels click on the pavement with each step I take.

Harry has been a little distant ever since he went on his first date with Rose. I have the impression he's hiding something from me, because things have been different between us. We don't talk as much and every time I ask him if he wants to hang out, he says he has a date or that he is just 'busy'. I'm starting to get sick of it. I can understand that he needs space and that it's not like we tell each other everything but if he wants me to fuck off, well, I'd like him to tell me, instead of throwing shitty excuses at me.

"Ella ?" a voice snaps me out of my thoughts and I look up immediately recognizing Rose. Well, if it isn't the devil herself.

"Hey," I say, putting a light smile on my face.

"How have you been ?" she asks. "With the baby and all."

"Great, honestly. She can be a bit annoying sometimes, but I wouldn't exchange this for the world," I reply truthfully.

"Oh, so, you guys are having a girl ?" she squeaks, a smile on her face as she puts a hand on mine.

"Yeah, we are. Harry didn't tell you ?" I question, surprised they haven't talked about it.

"Harry ? Why would he tell me ? I haven't seen him in months," she answers and my heart stops at the realization that Harry has been lying to me, again.

"What ?" I ask bewildered, taking a step back as the information hits me. "You guys had a date a few days ago."

"No we didn't. I swear. He told me he would prefer if we stopped what was going on between us because he wanted to focus on you and the baby only," Rose explains, and my stomach flutters at the new piece of information.

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