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Feelings can change easily

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Feelings can change easily. One mistake, one word, one phrase, one action; they can all twist what you think and feel for someone. Even as you became an adult, feelings were a complicated piece of work as everyone would say. For teenagers, it was worse because hormones. Yeah, because hormones. But through in that, plus superpowers, plus superheroes and you still wouldn't understand how Nicole and Peter felt towards each other. It was, as they said, complicated. And it was waay too complicated.

Peter had always liked Nicole. She was nice, kind, funny, smart and pretty cute too, although he had began noticing the latter part only a few weeks ago. He liked how she smiled, how there was a slight dimple in her cheeks and how her eyes lit up whenever she laughed. Sure, Liz had been really pretty and he had liked her but somehow Nicole was the one making him feel like this. Like all warm and fuzzy inside, like there were spiders crawling inside his stomach (Okay, scratch that Peter. The mental image is horrible)

The point was Nicole was different to him now. And he didn't know what to do. He knew he had a crush on her, but never had he experienced such intense feelings for someone. Peter didn't want to tell anybody; he wanted it to be a secret. 

But how long could Peter hide it? He had smart friends; Michelle was super observant and both Gwen and Mary Jane had a knack for catching onto these things. Harry and Ned both would notice if he started acting weird and he surely blurt out his secret in front of them. Then, Nicole herself was very smart and observant too, plus they patrolled together every night so it wasn't like he could avoid her. All Peter hoped was that he didn't end up becoming a blushing mess of a person around her, because that would mess things up so bad. 

Meanwhile in a not so far off apartment, Nicole Gupta was thinking the exact same thing. Feelings were weird, she had decided. Teenager feelings were even more weird. Add superpowers into the mix and it just complicates thing to a very, very large degree.

She had been carrying around her secret about her crush on Peter since the beginning of September or it could even be early October, who remembers how crushes begin?

And now that it was November, she had expected the crush to fade but it actually hadn't. Rather it had only increased and hiding it from the boy in question was difficult because they literally spend their nights together, patrolling the city. And on top of that, Gwen and Mary Jane were pushing her to tell Peter how she felt because they thought the two would be such 'a cute ship'.

Nicole knew she was never going to tell him. She didn't want to loose that friendship because of some stupid crush. It would really break her heart not to spend time with Peter because he was the only person who could make her laugh by quoting all those vines and dumbass memes. Literally no one but him had the capability to do this and she really liked him for it.

But it's not like you chose when to have a crush and when not to have it or when your feelings would grow and when you would stop seeing a person as just a friend and see them as something more.

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