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Wild Nights.

The flashing sign did nothing to calm Keira's nerves. Nor did it make it easier to breathe as Lex hovered over her with a grin. "You look like you're about to pass out on me, little soul. Breath."


It was easier for him to breath in the dark and shadows. But for her? Her throat clenched in thrust and her heart felt like busting out of her chest. Even dressing her best wasn't going to make her breathe.

"You sure this is safe?" She asked, twirling one of her locks. Those were still black, the end dipped into the red. But as she started to walk with Lex to get inside, the more she felt like someone might remember her. Or worse gather the whole crowd to kill her. 

Dressed sharply in a black jacket and jeans, he looked way calmer. "This place isn't for witches or normal humans." He didn't explain anymore but after a minute it became clearer why when he let out a chuckle. "Welcome to hell on earth."

Keira couldn't believe what she was seeing.

People were dancing wildly but that didn't cause her eyes to go wide. The glint of silver from men and women's mouth did it for her. And they weren't even trying to hide what they were doing. Where were they?

She turned back sharply, wanting an explanation. "What is this? W-Why is there-"

"Vampires here?" He finished for her. "I told you this is a safe place. Usually, vampires come here to feed as well as Reapers. Reapers are rare nowadays but I'm pretty sure we can manage something. Come on, I'll show you."

As he dragged her through the crowd, many stopped doing what they were doing to stare at them. Some chuckled and turned back to feed on some poor humans, while others waited to see where he was taking her.

Their unnerving stare became too much as he stopped near a woman. The woman looked between them with an unknown emotion and smiled. As she did, her small fang glinted in the light. 

Keira swallowed hard.

"Is this is the girl we were talking about?" The woman asked him. Whoever this beauty was, he knew her. Why did that make Keira feel strange suddenly?

Lex shared the same smile the woman was giving. His smooth voice sounded even huskier as he spoke. "Yes, my lady. She is a newbie Reaper and needs help in feeding. So can we borrow some of your sires?"

What was going on? Sire?

Keira tried her best to not scrawl as they talked as if she wasn't there. She might as well scream at them to stop and listen to her but before she could really do that someone touched her shoulder. Turning around at the cold touch, her eyes widened as she stared at the eyes of a vampire. 

"Now who you might be?" The vampire asked her with a soothing voice. A voice that was meant to seduce. Was he trying to persuade her to give him her blood? Before she could blink, Lex was beside her.

For a second, Keira wondered if he would accidentally release his shadows to devour the newcomer. Lex looked certainly too tense to even talk. Though as the woman joined them, he relaxed making Keira curious about the woman again.

"Relax Alexei, it's only Sin. He's one of my sires." The woman nodded at the vampire, who was now staring at Keira with a grin. "If you don't mind, he can help you with your problem." 

"Is he?" Lex challenged surprising Keira. Before the woman can open her lips,  Sin stepped forward.

"Yes, I can." He mumbled. "But I need to know what I am working with. She's not a vampire nor is she human. So what is her kind?"

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