31 - Shifaly Udawatte

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The Narrator

When Shifaly opened her eyes, she discovered that she was sleeping on a bed in a kind of bus that was converted into a place of accommodation. She was wondering how she got there. She looked at her arm and legs and saw that someone had applied bandaid on her lacerations. Ointment had been applied to her bruises. She felt stronger than before. Even though it hurt a bit, she was able to move her limbs. The pain on her fingers and feet had faded into a mild sting. She wanted to know who had rescued her from the boat. All she could remember was jumping into a boat when Basura was chasing her. She tried to remember all that she could remember before she reached the place where she was.

As her mind began to recollect Avanthi's death and Basura's torture she began to spiral down into a lot of depressing thoughts. Her heart began to beat faster and she began feeling out of breath. She started twitching and shaking. She felt like she was dying like a fist was grabbing her stomach. She banged the doors of the capsule where AnnSophia made her rest after changing her clothes and treating her wounds. Her thoughts were racing. Images of Avanthi dying flashed through her mind. Her chest began to tighten. She burst into tears. She let out a quick scream before her throat closed in. She wanted to run away. She wanted to do something to get the thoughts of Avanthi's death out of her mind, but they continued to bother her. While she banged the capsule door, she somehow managed to unlatch the capsule door and fall onto the ground. After she fell, her mind went blank, and she was gagging and crying uncontrollably on the floor.

"Did you hear that?" Kirt asked while he sat with the others in the boys' deck. Kirt heard the sound of someone falling in the girls' deck.

"Oh no," muttered AnnSophia as she ran up to girls' deck with the others following her.

Before she opened the door of the girls' deck, she told everybody, "Nobody follows me! Please!"

Everybody stopped following AnnSophia up the stairs, and just waited where they had stopped, as AnnSophia went inside.

AnnSophia opened the door and saw the girl that they had rescued on the floor was in a panic attack. She immediately shut the door of the girls' deck.

"Oh dear," muttered AnnSophia as she rushed to the girl's side to comfort her and help her out of the panic attack.

"It's okay, darling," AnnSophia said as she gently stroked the girl's shoulder.

AnnSophia didn't know that the girl's name was Shifaly. Shifaly didn't know who the girl helping her was.

Shifaly continued to sob as AnnSophia stroked her shoulder.

"Don't worry," she said as she hugged Shifaly. Thoughts of Avanthi's death flashed through her mind's eye as Shifaly received the hug a strange girl (AnnSophia) gave her.
She gripped AnnSophia's shoulder and continued to wail and cry, till she ran out of breath.

"Take a deep breath," AnnSophia told Shifaly, patting her head after she stopped crying for a while. Shifaly tried to do what AnnSophia told her to do.

She took a deep breath but again burst into tears.

AnnSophia continued to hug her and pat her. "Don't worry, dear," she said as she allowed Shifaly to cry in her arms.

After a few minutes of crying, Shifaly began to finally calm down by forcing her mind out of those thoughts that triggered her panic attack

When Shifaly finally calmed down, AnnSophia gave Shifaly some chocolate. Shifaly took it and began eating.

"What's your name?" AnnSophia asked the girl whom she helped after she seemed visually better after eating chocolate.

"Shifaly. Shifaly Udawatte," the girl said.

As the girl ate the chocolate, AnnSophia took a towel and wiped the tears and sweat from the girl's forehead and face.

"Don't worry, Shifaly. Everything's gonna be alright. We'll take care of you," said AnnSophia.


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