The Light of Supremazia

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Table of Contents


Chapter One: Johnny

Chapter Two: The Wake

Chapter Three: The Unnatural Guard

Chapter Four: Life After Death

Chapter Five: Winklevoss

Chapter Six: Living or Dead

Chapter Seven: Family History

Chapter Eight: Mary's Soul Food

Chapter Nine: Light of Supremazia

Chapter Ten: Gothic, Fairy Princess

Chapter Eleven: The Dreadfort

Chapter Twelve: Recruitment

Chapter Thirteen: Klompy, Drools, and Plankton

Chapter Fourteen: PhantomFollow

Chapter Fifteen: Scandal

Chapter Sixteen: Tortured Souls in the Principal's Office

Chapter Seventeen: He Screams

Chapter Eighteen: Screw This

Chapter Nineteen: Spirits Pass Through

Chapter Twenty: The Assassination

Chapter Twenty-One: 1997

Chapter Twenty-Two: Shaking in my Boots

Chapter Twenty-Three: Old Man Kerrington

Chapter Twenty-Four: Bag of Bones

Chapter Twenty-Five: Keeping Up with the Joneses

Chapter Twenty-Six: Worse than Detention

Chapter Twenty-Seven: Who's There?

Chapter Twenty-Eight: Foot in Mouth

Chapter Twenty-Nine: Pity Party

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