We met at school...

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" Uuuugh.." You moaned.

It was 8:30 and you were late for school. Quickly, you threw on your uniform and bursted through the front door of your home.

" You're late again, Ms. (l/n). Let's not make a habit of this, shall we?" Your teacher said.

You nodded obediently," Y-Yes ma'am." In the far back of class, you could easily hear Gakupo and Dell snicker at you. You let out a low growl and continued your school work. " Psst!" You looked in front of you, your friend Mayu was facing you. "Hey (f/n)-chan. Do you know the answer to #12?" She asked. You solemnly shook your head as she turned back around. Mayu had been your best friend since the day you came to Sapporo. You were also friends with your neighbor, IA and your upperclassmen, Meiko and Cul. Though Mayu has always been pestering you about getting a date (since you insisted she that she and Yuma get together), romance was never your strong suit but it's never too late to try!


The bell rung, at last. You turned in your paper and headed for your next class, Biology. Suddenly, you crashed into something around your height but...softer?

" H-Hey! Watch where you're-" You said but then you looked up. A fairly young looking girl with a black and red uniform was in front of you. Her teal hair was tied in two big pigtails, making her look obviously familiar.

"I-I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to bump into you, (l/n)-senpai!" She said.

" N-N-No! It's okay!" You said hastily.

You quickly picked up her dropped books and helped her up. Woah, it's Hatsune Miku. THE Hatsune Miku! And...did she just call you senpai?

"Thanks!" She said with a bow.

You chuckled and blushed at the gesture. " It's okay! A-Are new to the school?" You asked curiously.

" Yes, yes I am! I'm here with my friends Luka, Gumi, Rin, and Len." She said. You nodded like an idiot, " That's cool!" Then there was a pause, you both looked longingly in each other's eyes. Like you two knew each other your whole lives. Suddenly Miku sighed sweetly as she looked into your (e/c) orbs. You slightly blushed and leaned in a little closer.

But that was until the bell had blared through the empty halls and your homeroom teacher was screaming at you two "hooligans" to get to class. Both of you slightly adjusted yourselves and headed to your next class.

" What was all of that about?" You questioned yourself. She did look a little cute...wait WHAT?? Why would say that? You shook it off and headed off to Biology.

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