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Ryujin couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong as she walked to the store. It felt a bit chiller outside from the other day, and the area seemed quieter. When she was passing the playground, she frowned when she saw it completely empty, void of any children. It was eerie, and it got worse when she continued walking and had yet to see another person outside.

Did she miss something?

Yeji was leaning against the side of the store again, on her phone while sucking on a lollipop. She smiled when she caught sight of Ryujin, but it wasn't a normal smile. There was something off about it that Ryujin couldn't put her finger on.

"Hey, what happened to everyone?" The younger asked, stopping in front of her friend.

"What do you mean?"

"There's, like, nobody out here. At all. I haven't seen anybody walking, nor any children, nor any cars driving by. Is there some kind of festival going on I forgot about?"

Yeji put her phone away and extracted the candy from her mouth, biting her bottom lip as she looked around. She swore under her breath before entering the store, Ryujin behind her. The lack of any guesses from Yeji was unsettling and Ryujin just wanted to get back home and feel safe.

She headed directly to the soy sauce aisle and bought five bottles of it, carrying it happily to the counter. Yeji was waiting for her, but she was too busy staring out the glass door. Like she was waiting for someone.

Someone came in the store soon after, and Ryujin immediately recognized it was Yuna—wearing a highlighter yellow top and white pants with yellow converses. Yuna smiled genuinely, like the lack of people outside was normal or it didn't affect her in the least.

"Hi, Ryujin unnie! Yeji unnie. How are your days?"

Yeji began scanning the items, making pointed glances at Yuna. "Fine," she answered tightly.

"It'll be better once I get home," Ryujin replied after. "It's creepy out here."

Yuna knitted her eyebrows together. "Oh? How so?"

"There's literally nobody outside. Haven't you noticed?"

Yuna glanced over her shoulder before shrugging. "Nah, not really."

Yeah, okay. Ryujin brushed Yuna's odd but not that odd behavior off and paid for her sauce. Yeji handed her a bag, and she was off, walking back home. She would have probably enjoyed her walk home, but opted to pick up the pace, wanting to be indoors as soon as possible.

A whistling sound came out of nowhere and Ryujin heard a thump behind her. Somehow her bag had ripped and one of her bottles fell out, followed by another shortly after. She tied the handles to her bag tightly before grabbing the bottles and pushing them back through the big hole, holding them all like she was cradling a baby.

She looked up when she heard another whistling noise, much closer, and turned around to see a guy wearing all black. A sharp pain appeared on the side of her neck, as if someone pierced her skin with a needle.

Within seconds, everything turned black.

idk how to write "action" (if you could even call it that), but I hope that was okay :D

i'm thinking about making a poly fic for the girls, like RyujinxChaeryeongxYuna. i already have a summery thingy for it now i just need to plot it, but idk if i'll actually post it jejdjndn :')

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