Chapter 39 What to do...

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"Dude, it was fine.  I'm glad I was a friend.  Friends only unless this guy turns out to be a dick, deal?"  Chris broke out of the hug and held my face in his hands so I was looking right into his face.

 "Deal," I agreed.

"Now you go shower first, I'll go out and get our plans together with Dec and Jaime.  Don't worry," he added when he saw my face pale, "I'll make up some explanation for why I was in here last night, it's no big deal."

"Thanks!" I said again, and hopped off the bed and went into the bathroom.  I heard Chris leave the room and say good morning to Declan and Jaime.  I couldn't hear what they were saying, but I wasn't too worried about them.  All my worry was still focused on Nico and what I should do.  My chest hurt at the thought of Nico with someone else, but I wasn't going to let myself fall apart about it.  Not until I figured out what was going on.  I turned on my phone and saw a missed call from Nico.  My heart fluttered in my chest for a moment in panic.  I really wasn't ready to talk to him just yet.  Not until I had some time to get my nerves together.  I thought about calling Benji, but we were three hours ahead of California and it was too early to call him.  Instead I took a long hot shower before getting dressed for the day and then joined the others.  Chris ran in to use my shower while I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.  Declan had ordered breakfast up to the room so we were just waiting for it to be delivered.

"Oh Finn, Nico called my phone when you were in the shower earlier, will you give him a call back?"  Declan called out as he went to go get dressed in his room.

 "Umm, yeah, I will Declan." 

"Finn, I'm going to go get dressed too, will you let room service in when they knock," Jaime asked.  I nodded and smiled before he left the room.  Pulling my phone out of my pocket I stared at it for a good five minutes before I heard a knock on the door.  I saw a couple of missed calls from Nico while I was showering, which is probably why he called Declan's phone.  Standing up I turned it off and stuck it back in my pocket before letting room service in with a cart full of food.  I thanked the guy and handed him a twenty dollar bill and he smiled gratefully before leaving.  Nico had told me I should always tip well and since I had a pocketful of money and nothing I needed to spend it on, I had been doing just that.

Chris came out shortly, but we waited for Declan and Jaime before we started breakfast.  As we ate, Jaime, Chris and I made plans to go into the Village and then to the galleries in Chelsea.  Declan still had business to follow-up on and clients to meet at the gallery and would probably be tied up all day.  Before we left the suite I took my phone into my room and plugged it into the charger.  I know I was being a wimp, but I just wasn't ready to talk to Nico yet, I knew he'd probably hear something in my voice.  If I left it on the charger, I could just make an excuse later on.  When I joined the others we headed out to grab a cab.  Jaime told the driver where to take us and we set off, the first real free day of the trip since there was no more work to be done at the gallery.

The morning went by quickly as we walked visited galleries, shops and an amazing art supply store.  We had lunch in a café and then were grabbing a cab to head up to Chelsea.  Just after it dropped us off Jaime's phone buzzed.  Chris and I stopped to wait for him while he took his call.

"Finn, it's for you.  It's Nico."  Jaime handed me his phone while I kept my expression blank.  I didn't want Chris to notice my discomfort and put two and two together.

 "Hi Nico," I said as normally as possible when he handed me the phone.

"Hey baby, why aren't you picking up my calls?"

 "Oh, my phone was dead, I forgot to charge it last night so I left it at the hotel plugged in.  Sorry."

"It's okay, I was just worried.  Did Declan give you my message earlier?"

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